Hemp Macarons Created By A Paris Company Are Introduced To Los Angeles

Macarons (or French macaroons) are very popular, but a Parisian company has come up with a new flavor to introduce exclusively in Los Angeles, for now. Many think the flavor hemp doesn't sound appealing, but the company, Ladurée, suggests that's just because the world is unfamiliar with the uses for hemp, and even what hemp really is.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the latest flavor of macaron is hemp and white chocolate, and they are much better than they sound. For the uninitiated, macarons are cookies made with a crispy, meringue-like shell and a sandwiched slightly gooey inside.

Elisabeth Holder Raberin, co-president of Ladurée USA says that the Los Angeles macaron of hemp and white chocolate tastes a bit like hazelnut.

"I love challenging my taste and I'm very curious about what people eat everywhere. L.A. is a huge market that's very important and I see many trends here. You can find hemp ice cream and I buy hemp seeds to put on my yogurt or to use in tea. It's healthy! When I said in Paris that I wanted to have a hemp macaron, they looked at me like, 'What?' They thought it was super-funny, but in the end, they came up with a flavor and color that are really amazing."

Hemp is a variety of the same plant as marijuana with just trace levels of THC, but it is often thought of as a superfood that is rich in plant-based protein and omega-3 and 6. The flavor was launched last week at an event called "High Tea" where the hemp macarons will be served with a CBD tea from the local cannabis dispensary called The Pottery.

This is not the first time someone has decided to combine something in the cannabis family with a macaron. A California company called Madame Munchie created what they call their Artisinal Cannabis Macarons in a variety of flavors. Each contains 20 mg of THC, and they won the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup Award for the Best Medical Marijuana Edibles in San Francisco.

The most popular flavors with the judges were Hazelnut Mocha, Citrus a l'amande, Tropical Jungle, Green Gold, and PB&J.

The company explained that because macarons were so popular, they thought it would be a great way to provide marijuana to people who don't want to smoke.

"Our mission is to provide wellness, relief and delicious, smoke-free alternative that will allow our patients to experience a unique moment of gourmet medication. Our carefully handcrafted edibles use some the finest local ingredients available and are lab tested to ensure potency, purity and consistent dosage levels."