‘SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition’ Comes With Three Major Landmarks

Those looking to greatly enhance their own personal simulated city experience should probably consider picking up the SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition when it arrives this March.

Although the bundle will run gamers around $79.99, the package comes with a number of extras not available to those who decide to pick up the standard version. According to the Daily Record, the extra money will net you a host of nifty additions.

In addition to receiving Paris, German, and British city sets, those who invest in the Digital Deluxe Edition will also get three landmarks to place in their creations. The Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and the Big Ben Clock Tower are all designed to help bring tourists to your city.

Cinema Blend reports that the expanded version of SimCity also comes equipped with SimCity Heroes and Villains. This add-on allows gamers to engage in a campaign involving the superhero known as MaxisMan and his archenemy Dr. Vu. The cityscape will reportedly change depending on who gamers decide to help. This set is also available to anyone who pre-orders the title.

If all of these extra content wasn’t enough, the official Origin website explains that the set will something called Plumbob Park. The add-on is described as follows:

“Just drop this scenic park anywhere in your city and watch your Sims revel in the great outdoors! Make your Sims happier, entice more to come to your city and improve your rating as Mayor.”

Both the vanilla SimCity and the SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition will arrive on March 5. As the title implies, the Deluxe Edition will only be available as a digital download. What’s more, this version can only be purchased directly from Origin.

SimCity will land in the hands of eager gamers on March 5. Are you looking forward to the latest installment in the long-running franchise?