‘Big Brother’ Fans Think Power App Comp Was Rigged In Kaitlyn Herman’s Favor—Here’s Why She Still Lost It

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother fans are still losing it over the fact that Kaitlyn Herman was sent home from the CBS reality show despite being granted a game-saving “Bonus Life” power app that was practically guaranteed to keep her in the house.

After she was evicted from the game in a shocking 9 to 1 vote, Kaitlyn Herman was given a simple, six-piece puzzle to complete as an easy pass back into the house. The Big Brother Season 20 star had two-and-a-half minutes to disassemble the puzzle and then put it back together, but she choked under pressure.

Still, many Big Brother fans feel the game was rigged in order to keep Kaitlyn, one of this season’s most entertaining houseguests, in the house. Fans took to Twitter to point out that the simple six-piece puzzle was easy enough for a toddler to complete. Others noted that CBS producers probably didn’t expect an eviction for Kaitlyn as they didn’t leave time for the evicted houseguest to do a post-exit interview with host Julie Chen—the first time in a decade that a live eviction interview wasn’t broadcast.

Others, like Big Brother veteran Evel Dick Donato, joked that BB20 executive producer Allison Grodner never saw Kaitlyn’s loss coming. You can see Evel Dick’s hilarious tweet below.

In a post-eviction interview with Parade, Kaitlyn Herman explained that she had “a total anxiety” attack and choked under pressure while trying to complete what should have been a simple task. Herman, who relies on spiritual guides to advise her, revealed that part of the problem was that she was unable to calm herself down ahead of the last-minute live TV competition.

“Before any competition, I always take at least 10 minutes to center myself. Ten minutes is enough time to call in my guides, do a little meditation and say a little prayer. In this moment, it was like rapid fire, and I did not have enough time to do any of it. I felt overwhelmed emotionally, spiritually and physically. Unfortunately, it led to a loss.”

Herman came close to completing the puzzle, but she seemingly gave up in the final seconds of the competition. The Big Brother 20 houseguest said she totally blames herself for her demise in the game after suffering from the debilitating anxiety attack.

“I blame myself for giving up… for having a moment of defeat,” Herman told TV Guide. “The game wasn’t over. I could have powered through but that is not what was meant to be.”

You can see Kaitlyn Herman’s power app puzzle competition in the video below.

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