Kaitlyn Herman Says She Has ‘A Lot Of Healing To Do’ Outside Of The ‘Big Brother’ House

Big Brother star Kaitlyn Herman is adjusting to life back in the real world after her rollercoaster stay in the CBS summertime house. The California based life coach was one of the most entertaining contestants on the 20th season of the CBS reality show and it is likely producers would have done anything to keep her, but in the end, she was sent home due to her own failure in a power app competition.

Herman, who came into the Big Brother house with a longtime boyfriend waiting in the wings at home, made waves for her “flirty” behavior with fellow Big Brother houseguests Faysal Shafaat and Tyler Crispen. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Herman defended her behavior, saying she is just an affectionate person. But the flirting may have also been part of her Big Brother strategy, a strategy that fellow houseguest Sam Bledsoe slammed when she put Herman and fellow “flirt” Haleigh Brucher up for eviction.

But while Kaitlyn was holed up in the Big Brother house, her boyfriend of five years, Joe Pincus, released a statement on Twitter. Pincus, a musician who goes by the name Aire Atlantica, explained that amid Kaitlyn’s behavior he tried to separate himself from “the show and the situation” as much as possible and he even revealed that he requested that CBS pull a “show release” that he signed that allowed his girlfriend to talk about him on-camera.

After her eviction from the Big Brother Season 20 house, Kaitlyn Herman posted a lengthy message to fans on Twitter saying she “never meant to hurt anyone” with her actions. Herman did say she “stayed true” to herself while in the Big Brother house and she asked fans to support her “in this major adjustment” in her life as she moves forward. Herman also acknowledged she has “a lot of healing to do” now. You can see Kaitlyn Herman’s complete message below.

In a post-eviction interview with TV Guide, Kaitlyn Herman admitted she was unsure how her at-home boyfriend would react to her behavior in the Big Brother house.

I am honestly not sure,” Herman said. “What I do know is that Joe knows who I am at my core. He knows I am an affectionate person but he also knows how deeply, deeply in love with him I am. Hopefully, he was able to watch the show and understand my strategy.”

Big Brother Season 20 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.