The 13 Horror Movies Coming To Hulu In August 2018, And Which Ones Are Worth The Watch

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As Glamour reported, there are 13 horror movies headed to Hulu in August, and as expected, not all the titles are worth the watch. However, there are a few horror gems heading to Hulu that are worthy of your viewing time.

Available August 1

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Twenty years after he terrorized the quiet town of Haddonfield, Michael Myers returns to duke it out with his sister one more time. This time Laurie Strode is not only fighting to save her life, but her son’s life as well.

Fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the new Halloween sequel set to be released on October 19, 2018. If you’re looking for a Halloween film to quench your craving for Michael Myers, and you’ve already revisited the original, H20 is arguably the best sequel, though that will likely change come October. This marked Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the franchise since her role in 1981’s Halloween 2, and Laurie Strode squaring off against Michael Myers in H20 was an iconic moment in horror movie history. Plus, this selection co-stars Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, Adam Arkin, LL Cool J, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a cameo from Janet Leigh.

Jacob’s Ladder

A haunted Vietnam War veteran, Jacob (Tim Robbins), attempts to uncover his past while mourning the death of his child. Dreams, delusions, and reality blur as he tries to face his demons, and some of his demons may be very real.

This is one of the best horror movies from 1990, and the creepy imagery and intense suspense are just as terrifying today as they were nearly 30 years ago. This dramatic horror film is, at times, emotionally moving. Jacob’s Ladder will have you on the edge of your seat, though the climax may have you reaching for a box of tissues.

The Ninth Gate

Johnny Depp plays Dean Corso, a rare book dealer who is searching for the last two volumes of the legendary manual of satanic invocation, The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom. Corso isn’t the only one looking for the volumes, and his supernatural journey may cost him his life.

This was hit or miss among both audiences and critics alike. This is a horror film in subject matter alone, as it doesn’t do much to entice many scares. But if you’re in the mood for an atmospheric chiller, you could do a whole lot worse than The Ninth Gate.

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun (Simon Pegg) attempts to turn his life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, mending his relationship with his mother, and battling an entire community of zombies while doing so.

If you enjoy horror-comedies, then Shaun of the Dead needs to be on the top of your Hulu list come next month. Co-written by Simon Pegg, and co-written and directed by Edgar Wright, this 2004 feature is one of the most highly rated movies on this list. With a stunning score of 92 percent out of 204 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the site describes why this is one of the best horror movies arriving on Hulu in August of 2018.

Shaun of the Dead cleverly balances scares and witty satire, making for a bloody good zombie movie with loads of wit.”

Shaun of the Dead, one of the best horror movies on Hulu August 2018.
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Species Franchise

There are four movies in this sci-fi horror franchise, and the first three are headed to Hulu next month. The first film tells the story of a group of scientists searching for a killer alien seductress, Sil (Natasha Henstridge), who is searching for a human to mate with.

The first film is a nice nod to the schlocky horror movies of the ’50s, so if that era is your thing, then you should enjoy Species. Unfortunately, each sequel progressively declined in entertainment value and are not worth your time.

Stir of Echoes 1 & 2

The first Stir of Echoes told the gripping story of a man, Tom (Kevin Bacon), who begins seeing haunting visions after his sister-in-law hypnotizes him. The 1999 film is one of the most underrated horror movies of the late ’90s and is a must-watch. However, like so many direct-to-DVD horror movies, the sequel pales in comparison and should probably be skipped.

Urban Legend

A college student, Paul (Jared Leto), suspects that a series of deaths are related to certain urban legends.

For those who have the Showtime add-on feature on Hulu, Urban Legend will be available next month, though it is hardly worth seeing. This panned horror film desperately wanted to be Scream, but it lacked the charm, suspense, and wit of the Wes Craven classic.

Available August 7


A family is haunted by a ghostly presence in their old-school mansion.

This 2017 horror film is as generic as it sounds. One of the few positives is that it co-stars Lance Henriksen, but not even the legendary actor can make this Hulu feature watchable.

Available August 9


While on a trip in the remote wilderness, a mother, her son, and her best friend are stalked by a mysterious hiker.

This horror feature isn’t completely bad, but there have been so many other movies with similar premises hat have done a better job with the story. There are certainly some effective scenes, but by the middle of the film, Desolation has already worn out its welcome.

Available August 26


A couple, Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) and Him (Javier Bardem), has their relationship tested when a bunch of strangers arrive at their home.

This is one of the most unique and stylistic horror movies of the last several years. With shades of David Lynch, writer-director Darren Aronofsky delivers a horror masterpiece with Mother! This may not be suitable for mainstream audiences, but if you like thought-provoking horror movies that are littered with existential symbolism, then this should be right up your alley.

With titles like Halloween H20 and Mother!, some of the best horror movies are headed to Hulu in August of 2018, but beware of the bad ones, like Urban Legend.