Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas Says That He Did Not Fake A Heart Attack, Nor Is He An Alcoholic

Matt DunhamAP Images

Thomas Markle gave a free interview that spanned nine hours over three days. He took the opportunity to express that he was “deeply wounded” by the reports that he had actually faked the heart attack that required surgery days before the royal wedding. And indeed, many were speculating that Thomas faked the incident in order to avoid embarrassment once he was found guilty of selling staged photos to the paparazzi, detailed the Daily Mail.

The rumors about a fake heart attack only surfaced because when reporters contacted the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in San Diego, the staff told them that nobody by Thomas’ name had been admitted. However, Thomas explained why that happened.

“It’s disgusting they said I didn’t have a heart attack. Hospitals are bound by confidentiality laws and when you check in you can say you don’t want your name on their records if anyone calls in to ask.”

It’s unclear whether Thomas asked for his name not to be released, or whether he didn’t indicate that he wanted that privacy. The California Department of Health Care Services says that the HIPPA act requires confidentiality of protected health information. The ACLU also notes that people can typically find out if their loved one is in the hospital. However, if someone requests that their presence be kept private, the hospital does not disclose any information to anyone that might inquire.

Markle also added, “I lost 40 lb after my heart attack, so I suppose that’s good, though it’s a hell of a way to lose weight.”

He also addresses the rumors that he’s an alcoholic.

“I hardly drink at all, just a little wine with my dinner, nothing much. I don’t do drugs, haven’t for more than 20 years.”

Previously, Sharon Osbourne spoke out against Thomas, who told him through a talk show that it was “obvious” he had a problem with drinking, that he should “get sober,” and stop humiliating his daughter, according to The Sun. Thomas shot back at Sharon.

“She should look closer to home before analysing me and my family. Of course I am not an alcoholic. Of all people to call me an alcoholic with the amount of times Sharon’s family has f***** up.”

Meanwhile, Meghan, nor the royal family has made any mention of Thomas. And all of the drama and press has led to Thomas making very morbid comments, like “The men in my family rarely live over 80 so I’d be surprised if I had another ten years. I could die tomorrow.” He also added the following.

“It wouldn’t be so bad. I have something of a Buddhist philosophy about death. Perhaps it would be easier for Meghan if I died. Everybody would be filled with sympathy for her. But I hope we reconcile. I’d hate to die without speaking to Meghan again.”

As Markle vows to keep being vocal, it’ll be interesting to see what other news outlets decide to continue lending the man a voice. There are confusing and contradictory claims made by Thomas and by others, which makes it all the more difficult to know who’s telling the truth.