Coffee Fruit May Be Your New Powerhouse Breakfast Drink

Alisha McKinney

Many coffee lovers are not even aware that such a product actually exists; yet coffee fruit is not only real, its possibly a healthy alternative, suggests Dr. Mike Roussell, cofounder of Neuro Coffee, in a recent article from Elite Daily. Apparently coffee fruit has been scientifically shown to not only give drinkers the same boost as regular coffee, it promotes overall health brain function as well. The listed amounts of health benefits only go up from there.

Coffee fruit, it turns out, has been hand picked from coffee farms for over 1,000 years. The thought that the skins ruin coffee's taste has caused farmers to pluck off the skins, either throwing them away or using them as a fertilizer. Growth happens, much like the cherry flesh, which forms around the pit, meaning coffee fruit actually grows around the coffee beans. Where the health benefit of this comes is the protein called BDNF. Dr. Roussell told journalists that this antioxidant and protein helps neuron growth, brain repair, and overall supports healthy brain function.

One study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, and viewable on Science Direct, shows that coffee fruit concentrate boosts production of BDNF 143 percent more so than regular coffee. In general, studies have suggested many health benefits and the lengthening of life, as was reported by the Inquisitr. Another physician, Dr. Megan Colletto, remarked via email to Elite Daily on the antioxidant benefits from coffee fruit, saying they also serve as a buffer against stress and other unwanted negatives.

"Antioxidants in our diet can help our bodies buffer the effects of stress, lack of sleep, etc., to maintain good health."

According to Dr. Colletto, coffee fruit is only available in dried forms. She also said that the taste of this superfood is no different than regular coffee flavor. The coffee fruit can be steeped much like a tea. On the plus side, coffee fruit isn't entirely too expensive, some might say. A small four ounce bag from Cascara brand, which can be brewed, is only about $6.95 USD on Amazon. However Dr. Roussell's Neuro Coffee runs a bit more, at about $45 USD for 12 ounces.

For those who are not a fan of coffee's taste, Dr. Debbie Palmer, a board certified dermatologist who runs her own skincare line, Replere, recently spoke with Paste Magazine, remarking that coffee fruit's antioxidants are not limited to drinking. She says that coffee fruit is "rejuvenating" and can do wonders for a person's skin. Her skincare brand uses the Coffea Arabica fruit.