Farrah Abraham Blasts ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers For Letting Jenelle Evans Road Rage Gun Incident Go Too Far

The original 'Teen Mom' star is furious that producers didn't step in as the dangerous incident play out.

Farrah Abraham

The original 'Teen Mom' star is furious that producers didn't step in as the dangerous incident play out.

Farrah Abraham has some strong opinions on the controversial episode of Teen Mom 2 that featured star Jenelle Evans allegedly pulling out a handgun during a road rage incident that was caught on camera. Abraham, a star from the OG season of the MTV reality show, told TMZ she’s not happy with how MTV and its parent company Viacom handled the scary incident by allowing filming to continue when it was clear the young mom and her son were involved in a dangerous situation.

Abraham did not agree with how Evans handled the incident, but she blasted MTV for the putting the mom and son in harm’s way.

“That was sad that people have gun violence in front of their kids and I don’t like that. I mean, Viacom’s half to blame for that. The production team’s half to blame for that. They’ve had that footage, they’ve been around it, they’ve been allowing that stuff—and the drugs with Ryan [Edwards], like do they want to ruin these parents’ lives? Do they want to ruin these kids’ lives? Ask a bigger question. Don’t blame the parent, blame the bigger responsibility of production.”

The incident, which occurred in April but only recently aired on MTV, involved an unidentified male driver in a white pickup truck who tailgated the Teen Mom star and cut her off on a highway with her 8-year-old son, Jace, in the passenger seat.

Evans reportedly followed the driver to his house, where she “hit his [truck], ran over his mailbox, and pulled a gun on him,” according to police reports obtained by People. The man also told authorities that he wants Evans ” stopped and charged.”

Teen Mom 2 fans saw much of the incident play out as little Jace fell forward while his mom slammed on the brakes as she was being cut off. Evans asked her son for his phone so she could call 911, but then continued to follow the driver to his home so she could take matters into her own hands. The Teen Mom star took photos of the driver’s house while her son said he’d use his Nerf gun to protect her.

MTV aired the beginning part of Jenelle’s road rage incident but went to a black screen before she allegedly pulled out her gun as her son watched. The message “At this point Jenelle pulled out her firearm” appeared onscreen.

You can see Jenelle Evans’ disturbing Teen Mom 2 road rage incident in the video below.