‘Southern Charm’ Star Ashley Jacobs Reportedly Dumps Thomas Ravenel

Or did she? Another report has her heaping praise on him, so who knows?

ashley jacobs reportedly dumped thomas ravenel
ashley jacobs / Instagram

Or did she? Another report has her heaping praise on him, so who knows?

Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs has reportedly dumped Thomas Ravenel, an event (if it’s true – more on that in a few paragraphs) that coincides with the explosive Season Five reunion show that aired just last week.

Celebrity Insider, quoting an anonymous insider source, says that Ashley and Thomas have put the kibosh on their rocky relationship. As is always the case with these things, however, it bears noting that “anonymous insider” sources aren’t always reliable, and some magazines are better than others at following through with those reports.

Nevertheless, the source claims that the two have been on the outs for some time, but that Ashley wanted her fans to hold on to the belief that she and Thomas were still together, so that she could milk its last few days – days which ended for good when the Season Five reunion aired last Thursday.

“The romance between Ashley and Thomas is over. Thomas is ready to break up with Ashley. The relationship has run its course.”

As evidence, the outlet noted that Ashley went back to California to perform in Santa Barbara.

Thomas Ravenel reportedly did not accompany Ashley back to California.

In fact, their relationship may have been a sham from the beginning. Thomas has been accused of basically “hiring” Ashley, who reportedly used to work as an escort, to appear as his girlfriend on the show. Ashley, who denies having ever worked as an escort, has been accused of only being with Thomas for his money.

Anyway, those are the split rumors. Another outlet, however, paints a picture of the two getting along just fine, with Ashley heaping praise on her bae.

According to Brinkwire, Ashley believes that the sexual assault allegations against Ravenel have mellowed him out and turned him into a “homebody.” Specifically, after the Charleston Police Department announced that Thomas was being investigated for rape – a crime for which he’s already done time – Thomas began laying low. To Ashley, that makes him an even better boyfriend.

“I have seen a new Thomas. I mean, it’s humbling, of course. Now he’s — let’s stay in, let’s watch movies, let’s cook dinner, let’s just stay under the radar right now. I’ve just seen a much softer, more sensitive, kinder, more supportive boyfriend. You know, everyone wants to be you when you’re on top, but it’s who’s with you when you’re down there, and I’ve told him, I’ve just said, ‘I’m not leaving.'”

So there you have it: depending on which celebrity gossip report you read, Ashley has either given Thomas his walking papers or the two are living their best lives together. Or maybe the truth is somewhere in between.