Trump’s Rumored Love Child, Potential Coverup By ‘National Enquirer’ Under Scrutiny Again Thanks To Avenatti

Avenatti's new claims about Trump being "concerned about a pregnancy" brings the affair allegations made by former Trump Tower doorman back into the spotlight.

Does Donald Trump have an undisclosed love child?
Carolyn Kaster / AP Images

Avenatti's new claims about Trump being "concerned about a pregnancy" brings the affair allegations made by former Trump Tower doorman back into the spotlight.

In April, the New Yorker reported on a former Trump Tower doorman, Dino Sajudin. Dino had met with the National Enquirer in 2015 and sold a story about how Trump had fathered a love child with a housekeeper. Sajudin says that he received the $30,000 payment, as agreed upon, but that the story was buried and never published. Later on, many cast doubt on Sajudin’s claims, although he had passed a lie detector test. However, the New Yorker, Associated Press, and the Washington Post reportedly all corroborated the story at least in part, said Vox.

Since then, more information about the seized Cohen tapes has been released. And two days ago, lawyer Michael Avenatti made a bold claim on Twitter.

“Breaking: Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016. They were also concerned about a pregnancy. Cohen has evidence and info in his possession and it must be released to the public. Now! #Basta”

Avenatti has not said anything further about the “pregnancy” concerns specifically. At this point, it’s unclear whether it is related to the story that Sajudin sold to the National Enquirer, or an entirely separate incident. However, it does bring attention back to the previous claims by the doorman.

At the time, the NationalEnquirer’s parent company, AMI, denied any attempt to bury the story, detailed the Washington Post. AMI stated “that Donald Trump or Michael Cohen had anything to do with its decision not to pursue a story about a ‘love child’ that it determined was not credible,” and reiterated that “AMI and Mr. Pecker emphatically deny any suggestion that there might have been any ‘partnership’ created which might influence any business ties in regard to AMI. These claims are reckless, unsubstantiated, and false.”

Moreover, when the New Yorker contacted the alleged daughter and mother, they were unable to establish contact. The father, on the other hand, spoke out and said that the story was “completely false and ridiculous.” However, when the AP reached out, the mother said “This is all fake. I think [AMI] lost their money.”

Sajudin claims that the affair took place in the 1980s and that, “I was instructed not to criticize President Trump’s former housekeeper due to a prior relationship she had with President Trump which produced a child.”

Meanwhile, many are left wondering, if true, what could this “pregnancy” mean? The Hill Reporter speculated whether the pregnancy was aborted, or if there is a love child in the picture.

Michael Avenatti claims that he will represent three more women who were paid off to stay silent about supposed affairs, reported the Daily Beast.