Ariel Winter Claps Back At Haters Over Risque Bikini Photo

'Modern Family' star Ariel hit back at a Twitter troll who slammed her thong bikini photo.

Ariel Winter claps back at troll after sharing a thong bikini photo
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'Modern Family' star Ariel hit back at a Twitter troll who slammed her thong bikini photo.

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is clapping back at a hater on social media who called her out for posting a risqué photo of herself posing in a black thong bikini to her social media pages this week. Per Metro, Winter seriously slammed a Twitter troll on July 26 after they claimed that people only see her “as a piece of a**” because of the photos of herself she shares online.

As the Inquisitr previously shared this week, Ariel shared a very racy NSFW photo of herself across her social media account on July 25. The snap showed her laying on her front while sunbathing, exposing her butt to the world in a thong bikini. She wrote in the caption, “As if…”

After one fan saw the snap on Twitter, they were quick to scold the actress, who’s most famous for playing Alex Dunphy on the popular ABC sitcom Modern Family which first debuted on TV screens almost a decade ago.

“[It’s] your body do what you want with it.. But just don’t get mad when [people] only see you as piece of a**,” the Twitter user told Ariel, to which she clapped back with a pretty epic response.

After seeing the comment, Winter responded on her own account, telling the fan, “So I can’t be proud of my body AND be seen as something other than a ‘piece of a**?’ I have to pick one??”

The fan then responded with another message, writing, “I’m not saying you can’t be proud of your body girl, [I’m] just saying that is what some people will see you as.”

As reported by Metro following the posting of the skin-baring bikini photo, Ariel’s response was met with a wave of support from other Twitter users. Many supported and praised Winter for being so comfortable with her body and for sharing the thong bikini picture online.

“Posting photos like this means she owns her own body and is proud of it,” one social media users hit back in support of the actress. “That doesn’t mean she has to be happy about paparazzi and negative comments.”

Ariel Winter slams Twitter troll who called her out over thong bikini photo
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The Twitter user then added that Ariel sharing the snaps also means that the actress “has some control over what others see and hear about her.”

Winter has been very open about body confidence in the past and regularly shares snaps of herself on her social media pages revealing her body and showing some skin in bikinis and short shorts.

Last year, she opened up to Refinery29 in a candid interview about the negative comments she receives online, admitting that for a long time she tried to change herself because of the responses she was receiving before she realized that the hateful remarks kept on coming no matter what kind of pictures she decided to post.

“I decided that instead of pleasing these other people, I’ll just spend that time pleasing myself,” Ariel shared with the outlet of how she decided not to let what other people think of her influence her decisions.

“Those people are going to be rude to me regardless of what I do,” Winter then continued, “so I should just try and be happy with what I am.”

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Modern Family is expected to come to an end next year after what will be the popular comedy’s tenth season and tenth year on air.