‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Thursday, July 26: Steffy Tells Liam ‘Oh Yes, I Did’ & Hope Confesses To Ridge

BandB_CBS Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday July 26 Liam (Scott Clifton) faces Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)
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Bold and the Beautiful recap features Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) telling Liam (Scott Clifton) that there was no need for him to feel guilty. She stated that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was not his wife and that he is free to do anything with his life as he pleases. According to She Knows Soaps, Liam replies that he might not want to be free to decide. Brooke wanted to know if he would let down her daughter again, but Liam understands her reaction because he is also a parent now. Brooke looks at Kelly on the baby monitor and said that she was precious. Liam felt that Kelly was perfect and he would never be as perfect as she is.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) came home and wanted to know where his wife was. Hope (Annika Noelle) was about to leave, but he stopped her and congratulated her on the success of the fashion show. Bold and the Beautiful recap, via Soap Central, states that Hope told him that Brooke went to see Liam because Steffy had walked in on her and Liam in the dressing room. Ridge yelled at her and asked her what had she been thinking, and she said that she had not been thinking.

Ridge screamed that Steffy was the mother of Liam’s child, and Hope yelled right back that she also held the same position. Later, they both apologized for yelling. When Hope said that she and Liam loved each other, Ridge couldn’t believe that she was that naïve.

Back at Spencer Publications, Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Justin said that he needed to be present at the signing, and what they had just done was illegal. He pointed out that he could face a fine or even jail time for not complying with protocol, but Bill said that he and Steffy only wanted privacy. Justin just wanted to make sure that no coercion had taken place. He then fingerprinted them and told Steffy that ownership of the shares would only transfer to her after she and Bill got married.

Bill told Steffy that he didn’t need a big wedding ceremony as he didn’t need to make an announcement that she was his. He wanted her to come home with him, but when she hesitated, he assumed it was because of Kelly. Bill told Steffy that she and her daughter would both live with him. He told her he loved her and wanted to know if she cared about him. According to the Bold and the Beautiful recap, she confirmed that she did and that she would face Liam by herself.

Steffy got home to an anxious Liam. He wanted to know where she had been but she steered the conversation to the fact that he had not come home after the fashion show and how he had placed her in the impossible position of having to wait for him to make up his mind. She said that she believed that they were meant for each other until she had walked in on him and Hope, and that a light inside her had turned off at that point.

As Steffy bent over to pick up Kelly’s stuffed animal, Bill’s sword necklace slipped out from under her sweater. Horror crept over Liam’s face as he asked, “You didn’t?” and she replied, “Oh yes, I did.” Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.