McDonald's Worker Brutally Beats Customer In Viral Video Fight Over Money, Brawl Over Thrown Milkshake

A pair of women got involved in a full-on brawl in an American McDonald's restaurant in a video going viral today, according to the Daily Mail.

The fracas broke out between a customer and an employee of the franchise when the customer hurled a milkshake at the employee's face, clear over the counter. Immediately thereafter, the employee surged forward, receiving a metal tray to the face courtesy of the customer, though it did not appear to faze the female McDonald's counter worker.

Barreling forward, the server grabbed the customer by the hair and wrenched her over a nearby table, raining blows down on her face and shoulders with a closed fist.

The fight was captured by Nevada resident Marie Dayag, who quickly posted the crazy scene to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. The video has since gone viral, having been shared from the Daily Mail platform nearly a million times since the piece went live earlier today.

Dayag was quick to point out that she was not involved in the fisticuffs, merely acting as a bystander to the physical action and was unknown to any of the customers or staff involved.

After the initial struggle, in which the much larger McDonald's employee seems to completely overpower the customer with raw power and physical strength, other employees attempt to break up the pair but are quickly discouraged as the customer lashes out at them as well. At this point, what appears to be a management figure joins in, trading strikes with the customer as they refuse to be calmed down.

Getty Images | Joe Raedle

As for the initial impetus for the fight, Dayag wrote the following on her Instagram post.

"The lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn't letting her get a free soda."
From there, the video begins and things escalate beyond any reasonable expectation. At one point as the fight begins to break up, the service counter worker can be clearly heard responding to an apparent jibe about her mother coming from the customer, saying "My momma ain't dead -- you respect my momma."

The customer moves to pick up a chair following this exchange, but apparently thinks the better of it based on the current situation and how she had fared in her previous outing against the quick-service restaurant staff, being disarmed and disabused of this notion quickly.

More rage-filled fighting words are tossed back and forth to close out the viral video, but no more punches are thrown.

It is unknown which particular McDonald's restaurant the fight took place in, though as Dayag is a Nevada resident, this may shed at least some light as to the general location.

Marie Dayag's Instagram video has been viewed nearly 65,000 times as of the publishing of this article and has attracted hundreds of comments.