Norman Reedus Had A Pact With Andrew Lincoln, Said They Would Leave ‘The Walking Dead’ Together

Distressing news slapped fans of hit television series The Walking Dead when it was announced recently that actor Andrew Lincoln — who plays Rick Grimes — is confirmed as leaving the show after Season 9. The ninth season installment will premiere on AMC in October 2018. More information on Lincoln’s exit can be found here at the Inquisitr. Since the impending and unexpected departure of Rick Grimes, the leading role for this series, viewers are left wondering what the writers have in store for the plot line. Who will take the reigns? Some have speculated that Daryl Dixon will fill his shoes and take over as front runner.

The actor who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, has commented on such rumors, shutting down that claim entirely, says Comic Book. Reedus also surprised and startled fans at Comic-Con, according to Entertainment Weekly, when he revealed the pact he’d been holding with his bromance buddy, Lincoln.

Fans can relieve their bated breath, because Reedus stated he would be backpedaling on the pact to leave The Walking Dead simultaneously with Lincoln. It turns out that circumstances could have been much worse, so at least viewer can rest easy knowing that Daryl isn’t exiting just yet. The 49-year-old actor spoke with EW Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) at Comic-Con, with Lincoln seated beside him. Reedus told reporters that the infamous duo originally shared a pact, planning to leave the show together.

“We made a pact. I think it was like season 3 or 4. We’re like, ‘If you leave, I leave. Right?’ And that was the thing.”

Hearing this, Lincoln turned to Reedus in surprise, asking if the other actor was coming out with a breaking news announcement that he too was leaving The Walking Dead. Reedus responded, “Oh hell no.” He will apparently be breaking their pact, staying on to continue playing the role of Daryl Dixon. Although Reedus does still seem to be saddened by the news of his friend and co-star’s departure, he fully supports Lincoln’s decision to return back to England and spend more time with his family.

The pair have been close friends since early on in the series. Reedus told those at Comic-Con that Lincoln has had a lasting impact on his entire life, stating, “He’s made me a better actor, a friend, a father, all the way down the line. He’s a very, very important person to me.” Indeed, Lincoln’s impression on Reedus will likely remain, as the actor has said he will continue to seek out advice and keep contact with Lincoln.

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