Demi Lovato’s Trainer Says She Was ‘Not Herself’ In Days Prior To Overdose

'She's not healthy, she's just alive.'

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

'She's not healthy, she's just alive.'

More details are emerging about the days leading up to Demi Lovato’s tragic overdose.

Many people close to the singer noticed that Demi’s recent behavior was a far cry from normal. Before her relapse and overdose, Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety. But shortly after, the 25-year-old fell off the wagon and those around her knew that she was headed down the wrong path once again.

Danielle Martin has become close with Lovato over the past two years. The 42-year-old has been training Demi in jiu-jitsu and considers herself very close with the singer. In the days leading up to Lovato’s hospitalization, Martin noticed that Demi just wasn’t acting like herself, and when Danielle found out about the overdose she told Radar Online that she was absolutely devastated.

“She’s not healthy, she’s just alive,” Martin says.

The trainer tearfully admitted that Lovato “just wasn’t herself” and “something was absent in her spirit” days before the overdose. When she asked Demi if she was okay, Lovato told her that she was “okay,” just tired

“I knew something was wrong. The last thing she told me was ‘I love you so much.'”

The trainer also said that she and Demi had plans to meet on the day of the overdose, but obviously those plans fell through once Lovato was rushed to the hospital instead.

“On Monday, she asked me ‘are we training tomorrow too?’ so you can imagine how I feel when I found out about the overdose,” Martin revealed.

Frequently, Lovato would cancel her lessons and then not show up in the weeks prior. Clearly, a lot of those around the singer knew that something was wrong.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr shared that Demi was partying all night with friends on Monday as they were celebrating a birthday. According to Radar Online Demi and co. were partying hard for her backup dancer/BFF Dani Vitale’s birthday. The group first started out on the Sunset Strip, later hitting up the famed Saddle Ranch Bar and then continuing the party at Lovato’s Hollywood Hills home.

Once fans caught wind of the “wrong” crowd that Demi was allegedly hanging out with in the hours prior to her overdose, they took to Dani’s Instagram account to let the backup dancer know their feelings.

“What a friend hum… did you had fun? Maybe stay with her until the help gets there? Maybe don’t give her the drugs and say no even if she insists? Maybe but just maybe don’t be a shi**y friend? I’m wondering how are you living with yourself after what happened,” one fan wrote.

“WE HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING,” another fan wrote.

It does not appear that Dani has replied to any of the allegations yet.