Sarah Paulson Has Confirmed She Will Play Dual Roles In New Season Of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’

In a recent interview, actress Sarah Paulson spoke exclusively with reporters for the upcoming flick Glass. During that interview, Paulson told Screen Rant that some fan speculation circling her role in the newest season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse just simply wasn’t the case. She explained her upcoming characters on the newest season, and while one isn’t the portrayal many were hoping for, her announcement is sure to be met with excitement.

Cross-over roles do happen in American Horror Story, and Paulson is one of the stars who frequently plays such a role. Her character, Billie Dean, from the first season, Murder House, reappeared in the fifth season, Hotel. In the sixth season, titled Roanoke, fans saw the reappearance of Paulson’s much loved character from the second season of Asylum, Lana Winters. In fact, this entire new season of the series will be a cross-over; an announcement that has thrilled many fans who adored both Murder House and Coven. Series fans have been speculating that Paulson would reprise her roles of Cordelia and Billie Dean for the Apocalypse season. According to the actress, only one of those characters will be returning.

“I’m not playing Cordelia and Billie. Did somebody say I was playing Cordelia and Billie? That’s interesting. I may end up playing Cordelia and Billie. But no…so far I can say I’m playing two characters, but one of those names is correct and one of them is not.”

Which portrayal will viewers witness? Paulson unfortunately left mystery alive for now. She didn’t say that dual roles for Supreme Witch Cordelia Foxx and Billie Dean would not happen in future seasons, however. This sets an idea up for fans to ponder instead of making it something to be completely disregarded. Since Paulson did say during her interview statement that she “may end up playing Cordelia and Billie,” her confirmation of which roles she is set to play could also be left open to speculation.

Information on the upcoming season of American Horror Story:Apocalypse remains vague and scarce. However, what has been confirmed as of the interview with Paulson is that she and other stars will play dual roles throughout the upcoming season of Apocalypse. Fans will likely have an opportunity to enjoy a new character from Paulson, by the sounds of her remark, which would bring something fresh to the table for viewers to look forward to experiencing.

Filming for the newest season is still taking place, and until the full conclusion of season eight occurs on FX, fans will have to deal with insatiable curiosity and speculation.

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