‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 23: Abby Makes Pregnancy Decision, Chad & Sonny Face Off Over Titan [Recap]

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As many Days of our Lives viewers are aware, Will received an ominous note in Friday’s episode. The note, that reads “I know what you and Sonny did” has been pasted together with magazine clippings. As Will is beginning to panic over the meaning of the note, Paul knocks on the door.

The couple discusses Leo and the fact that the judge has thrown out the sexual harassment case against Sonny. Paul, being a private investigator, is beginning to wonder whether or not Sonny did something to make Leo disappear. Will defends Sonny’s honor and reputation to Paul and then changes the subject by bringing up a recent memory he had that involves Kate. When Paul leaves, Will calls Sonny to tell him about the note.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Chad are in the middle of a heated confrontation. Days viewers watch as the pair butt heads in regards to the way that Titan is currently being run.

They turn to Victor for his opinion. Sonny asks Victor to reinstate him as CEO, claiming that Chad is no longer working in the best interest of the company. Chad says that stock prices are up 25 percent and it doesn’t matter how that happens as long as Titan profits.

The company needs stability and making changes now isn’t advised. Victor sides with Chad and agrees to leave him in charge for the foreseeable future. Sonny is angry and threatens to move out. Later, Sonny pulls Chad aside and apologizes for coming on too strong. Their friendship is important to him.


In recent episodes of Days of our Lives, Brady and Theresa went head to head in a custody battle over their son Tate. During the court proceedings, a child services inspector claimed to have found drugs in JJ’s apartment, where Theresa had been staying. In an effort to protect her, JJ claimed in open court that the drugs were his and, as a result, was suspended from his EMT position.

Theresa was awarded custody of her son and headed out of state with Tate to be by her sick mother’s side.


Jennifer swore to prove the drugs were planted and save JJ’s career.

On today’s July 23 episode of Days, Jennifer has managed to track down the caseworker who “found the drugs.” During a conversation with him at the Brady Pub, it is revealed that an unnamed man stopped by the caseworker’s home and offered him a lot of money to plant drugs in JJ’s studio apartment.

“Do you want a public scandal, or do you want to help me?”

The man agrees to confess his actions to JJ’s boss at the station and Victor receives a phone call, warning him that Jennifer is getting close to finding out the truth.

Last week on Days, the results of Abby’s pregnancy test were ready. Unfortunately, Gabi was the first to see that the father of Abby’s baby was her husband Chad. Due to recent information that Gabi most likely cannot have any more children, Gabi was angered to find out that Abby is on the path to getting her happy ending. In an act of revenge, Gabi changed the paternity results to show Stefan as the father of Abby’s baby.

When Abby tells Gabi that she plans to terminate her pregnancy, Gabi is desperate to stop her. If Abby goes through with the abortion, she will unknowingly be terminating Chad’s baby. Furthermore, Abby will never “suffer” as Gabi had planned.


In a spiteful move, Gabi heads to the DiMera mansion and clues Stefan in on the pregnancy. Stefan now believes that Abby is carrying a baby conceived during a brief romance between himself and Abby’s alternate personality Gabby. Stefan runs to the clinic to find Abby.

On today’s episode of Days of our Lives, Stefan confronts Abby at the clinic. Abby claims that she is at the clinic for her annual checkup. Stefan reveals to Abby that he has received the results from Gabi and begs her to keep his child, claiming that she doesn’t have the right to terminate the pregnancy. In a heartwrenching scene, Abby comes back at Stefan stating that he doesn’t have any rights because the baby is in her body.

Stefan insists that the baby was created out of love to which Abby responds that the baby was a result of rape. Stefan, in tears, begs Abby to keep the baby that he believes is a living part of Gabby, the woman that he still loves from the bottom of his soul. He concedes that the choice is, in fact, Abby’s to make.

“It’s your body. It’s your choice. What did you decide? What are you going to do?”

At the end of today’s episode, Abby agrees to keep her baby. She heads home from the clinic and runs into Chad. She reveals that she needs to tell him something important. Viewers will have to wait for another episode of DOOL to find out how Chad reacts to the pregnancy news.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.