Mark Hamill Joins The Dark Side, Quietly Attends Comic-Con As Stormtrooper

While many actors run from their iconic roles, it’s so nice to see that Star Wars legend Mark Hamill embraces his character — well, at least when Luke Skywalker was trying to infiltrate the Death Star as a stormtrooper. Apparently, the actor decided to do it again — but this time his mission was to infiltrate San Diego’s Comic-Con 2018 and it was a complete success, reports Entertainment Weekly. Forty years after wearing the bad guy’s costume, the actor picked it up again. He documented the before-and-after look and posted it to Instagram, along with the following caption.

“#SDCC DAY 3 WISH LIST: A) Don’t arouse any suspicions it’s me because I’m too short for this costume B) Find that ultra-rare comic book I need to complete my collection C) Get @NathanHamill’s autograph (if I can find Booth #1415) D) Find the perfect nacho????”

According to EW, Hamill was one of thousands who participated in cosplay during the Comic-Con weekend. At first, he dressed as Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Friday’s festivities, showing his support for the show which was canceled by Fox (and later saved after NBC picked it up).

“Having LOADS of fun at #SDCC… This was my disguise at yesterday’s #Brooklyn99 panel. LOVED it & can’t wait for the new season!
#TheShowISinglehandedlySaved #YoureWelcome”

But it was on Saturday that he switched to the Dark Side and put on his stormtrooper outfit, taking pictures with tons of fans who had no idea it was really him. In fact, many posted their pictures to social media after learning of his undercover work and tagged the actor, asking if their picture with a stormtrooper was actually him. It turns out that for many, they got the shock of their lives when not only did he answer them, but he confirmed that their picture was indeed of him.

But that wasn’t the last of his incognito outfits. According to EW, Hamill’s final Comic-Con outfit was one that was a custom job. The notoriously anti-Trump actor turned himself into “Orange Vader” — a combination of both the arch villain of Star Wars, Darth Vader, and President Donald Trump, “especially considering the golf club, hair, and ‘Make the Death Star Great Again’ shirt.”

This particular Comic-Con that takes place every year in San Diego is the most popular of all the ones held around the country, but it’s obvious that for many fans, this will be considered the best one in its history.

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