Iggy Azalea Poses In Skin-Tight Sporty Crop Top, Capris, And Luxe Chanel Sneakers In Front Of A Plane

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Iggy Azalea shared a photo of herself posing in front of a plane in a skin-tight and sporty outfit. She captioned it “SPORTY SPICE,” which seems quite fitting. The crop top is red, white and either blue or black with matching capris. She’s rocking some luxe, white Chanel sneakers with red accents and socks. And to top it all off, Iggy is actually matching the plane’s red, blue, and white color combo perfectly. She’s sporting some chic sunglasses on her head too.

The singer has reason to be excited right now, because she’s finally returned to the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts for the first time since 2016 with her new single, “Kream.”

Even so, Iggy showed her humble side when she said that “I just kinda thought I’d throw my project out there and I didn’t expect anybody to really have a response to it,” according to the Daily Mail. She added that “So now I feel a little bit nervous, but in a good way, because I feel like people are now maybe gonna listen to it [her new album].”

And yes, she’s probably right that her fans are excited to hear the rest of the album! The EP will be called Survive the Summer.

And in fact, “Kream” was only supposed to be a buzz track. But because it became so popular, it was released as a single for radio play. Currently, it’s charting at number 96. It didn’t hurt that popular Tyga made an appearance either.

The last time Iggy was on the Billboard 200, it was with “Fancy” and “Work.” Her debut album The New Classic peaked at number 3 and became RIAA platinum certified, according to Forbes.

On the other hand, the photo of Iggy in front of the plane has fans going wild. Many people are commenting on how great she looks in the outfit, and want to know where she got it. Others are instead focusing on her shoes, with some commenting on how small they look. Plus, seeing Azalea prepared to board a plane has fans begging her to fly out to the country they live in.

Most likely she was heading to Paso Robles, California, where she’s slated to perform at the California Mid-State Fair Grounds. Demi Lovato is going to be present, according to CBS 8. It’s perhaps the first time the two have seen each other since Demi came public with her relapse by releasing her new single, “Sober.”