Kenya Moore Teases Blonde Hair While In Bed In New Instagram Photo

Taking to Instagram less than an hour ago to display a drastic change to her iconic lovely, long dark hair, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore revealed that she had dyed a great proportion of her locks a stunning blonde.

Captioning the photo shared to her Instagram account with the time-tested question of “Do blondes have more fun?,” Moore can be seen splayed out on her bed, pristine and crisp white sheets rising up about her. Tumbles of her hair are parted dramatically over to one side, the golden color mixing with the darker natural hue that viewers are so used to identifying the RHOA actress with. Smoky eyes bearing deep black eyeliner compliment her bronzed complexion, complemented by a pretty pink lipstick that seems to pair up perfectly with the rest of her look.

The ensemble in question is completed by a pair of gorgeous large hoop earrings and a simple fitted t-shirt in resplendent white, nearly losing itself amongst the bedsheets.

In the background, what appears to be either an office complex or a parking garage rises to meet the grey and stolid skyline. Moore’s purse or handbag is laid casually at her feet on the far end of the bed, the strap lazily winding its way out of frame.

So far, the image has attracted over 15,000 likes from her fans on Instagram. Kenya Moore has approximately 1.2 million followers on the platform.

Kenya Moore has made headlines most recently for her high-profile pregnancy, having even gone so far as to apply her adopted catchphrase from her hit TV show to the coming infant according to PEOPLE. “Baby twirl,” as Moore referred to her baby to be on her social media story, is due in a matter of months. Her and the father, husband Marc Daly, are as yet unsure as to the sex of the child.

The pregnancy has also caused a bit of weight gain for the reality TV star, as she posted a bit of a humorous snap to her Instagram story on June 12 revealing that she rested at 183.8 pounds, accompanied by the extremely shocked emoji — the one icon that appears to be sweating and going blue in the face.

The reality TV actress has had a whirlwind of press surrounding her since she first announced her pregnancy, the news prefaced by some bad business surrounding rumors of her facing foreclosure on her famous Moore Manor property, though no concrete news of this allegation has been substantiated as of this writing.

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