Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Hospitalized After Being Badly Beaten During Armed Robbery

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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was beaten up badly and robbed by three hooded gunmen early Sunday morning, reports TMZ. He is now recuperating in a hospital. This comes just a month after one of Tekashi’s fellow rappers, XXXTentacion, was gunned down in Florida.

The entire robbery episode appears to have been lifted from a movie. Sources told the publication that the rapper had been working on a music video in Brooklyn till about 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, after which Tekashi left for his apartment in his car. When he had almost reached another car pulled up and blocked his driveway.

Three hooded gunmen got down from the car, grabbed the rapper, and pistol-whipped him till he was unconscious. When Tekashi regained consciousness, the publication learned, he realized that he was in the back seat of their car as they drove around. At that point, the three men informed Tekashi about their intentions, which was to rob him of his money and jewelry — threatening him with death if he failed to cooperate.

A few minutes later, they pulled up outside his home. Two gunmen went inside while a third guarded 6ix9ine in the car. They are reported to have taken nearly $750,000 worth of jewelry and up to $20,000 in cash. When the gunmen went inside, Tekashi’s girlfriend and daughter were in the apartment, but thankfully the gunmen didn’t hurt either of them during the robbery.


Even with the robbery complete, the robbers didn’t drop Tekashi. They drove around with him still in the backseat. At some point, the rapper somehow managed to disembark from the car by jumping out, and while one of the gunmen tried to chase him, he finally retreated possibly fearing identification.

Tekashi begged a passing driver to take him to the hospital, which is when the stranger informed 911 about the incident. He told the dispatcher that he would drop the rapper at an intersection, where paramedics could pick him up. Shortly after, help arrived and Tekashi was taken to the hospital, where he is believed to have undergone multiple tests.

Tekashi 6ix9ine rose to prominence last year after his debut single, “Gummo,” peaked at No. 12 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100, allowing him to launch a mixtape in February of this year. He is one of the proponents of what has been dubbed the “SoundCloud rap explosion,” a bunch of rappers who have made their names online by using low-key recording devices and departing from the traditional tenets of street rap.