Jill Dugger Shares Important Milestone As Samuel Takes His First Steps

Samuel Dillard is already a year old and Jill Duggar has been sharing some important milestones in her youngest son’s life. Just recently, she took to her Instagram account to let fans know that her baby boy took his very first steps right before his first birthday earlier this month. She and husband, Derick Dillard, were both trying really hard to get him to do it and it paid off.

The Dillards have been posting many photos and videos of their growing family quite often these days. The former reality stars still like to keep Duggar fans updated on the latest happenings in their family. The most recent one was a two part video that showed Samuel being coaxed into walking on those two little baby feet. He had been seen crawling and scooting around up until now. He is growing up quick.

In the first video, Derick is seen sitting on the carpeted floor of their house in Arkansas using a small red ball to coax the little boy into taking his first steps. Samuel takes the bait as he does take a few wobbly steps before he falls back down.

The second clip had Jill Duggar doing the same thing. This time though he did more falling than walking. Samuel had an audience with a couple of friends visiting who were amused by all the fun of seeing a baby’s first steps.

Samuel’s big brother, Israel Dillard, wanted to join in on the action as well. It looked like he may have been just a tad bit jealous of his little bro being the center of attention. He was doing his best to get his dad’s attention by grabbing the bigger basketball and letting Derick know that he wanted to play, too.

It doesn’t look like Israel has anything to worry about though. The Duggar son-in-law shared a previous photo of him and his elder son together watching the clouds roll by in the Arkansas summer sky. There have been current speculations that Derick will be attending law school this fall. According to a report by The Hollywood Gossip, the father-of-two may be spending a lot less time with his family soon. There has not been an official announcement about his future plans, but you can be sure that he will make his plans known when he is good and ready.

In the meantime, Jill Duggar has been posting plenty of photos, videos, and even recipes, on social media. As always, the Dillard posts seem to cause lots of friction between the people who go on there to read and comment.

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