Samsung Continues To Make Fun Of The iPhone And Apple Stores In New Ads

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Samsung is back at it again. Earlier this year, the tech company released an ad making fun of Apple when the iPhone makers announced they would be releasing software updates to improve the battery life on their older devices. In the ad, Samsung suggested that Apple might be throttling the CPUs of older phones to seemingly improve the batteries, but users just ended up with slower phones as a result, as reported by The Verge.

Samsung also released an ad for their Galaxy S8 device in which they mocked the notch on Apple’s latest and greatest: the iPhone X.

According to MacRumors, Samsung is back with the familiar and shady advertising tactic in their latest videos showing off the new Galaxy S9. The company dropped four short clips poking fun at Apple’s “shortcomings,” like the removal of the iPhone’s headphone jack, the fact that Apple does not currently include a fast charger with their fast charge compatible devices, and the iPhone’s camera quality.

Samsung is even taking shots at Apple’s employees at the Genius Bar. Each video features a customer talking to an Apple “Ingenius” and the employee failing to answer the questions posed without promoting the S9 over the iPhone.

The first ad is called “Dongle” and features a customer asking if he will be able to plug his wired headphone into the iPhone X, the Apple employee informs him that he can, but he will need an additional piece of hardware called a dongle.

Since there is only one input port on the iPhone X, the customer then asks if he will be able to use his wired headphones while charging his device, and the Genius says he’ll need another dongle.

The customer then looks befuddled and responds, “So, a double dongle?”

The second ad follows a similar format, standing inside what looks to be an Apple store, a customer asks the Apple Genius if the iPhone X is packaged with a fast charger since the phone now allows fast charging. The Genius says there is no fast charger included to which the costumer responds, “I hear the Galaxy S9 comes with a faster charger.”

The third ad boasts that the camera on the Galaxy S9 is far superior to that of the iPhone X, while also subtly taking a jab at “apple fanboys.” The fourth and final ad highlights the S9’s faster LTE download speeds.

All four ads end with a black screen with the words “Upgrade to Galaxy” in bold white letters.