WWE News: The Miz And Maryse Talk New Reality Show, ‘SmackDown’ Moving To Fox, And Miz Challenges Jeff Bezos


The Miz is one of the most over superstars in the WWE, and fans are looking forward to his new reality show, Miz and Mrs., co-starring his wife Maryse. The reality show is set to debut on the USA Network on July 24, 2018, and the WWE has been heavily promoting it.

The Miz keeps himself busy these days. In addition to wrestling every week on SmackDown and filming his reality show, the WWE superstar recently participated in the MLB All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game where he won MVP of the event. Recently,the Miz and Maryse were interviewed by Cheddar, and the power couple discussed their new show, how they think SmackDown will do once it moves to Fox in the fall of 2019, and he also issued a challenge to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

As seen in the video below, the Miz said participating in the legends and celebrity softball game and winning the MVP is one of the proudest moments of his life. Growing up as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio, the Miz played a lot of little league, so playing softball in a major league stadium with a bunch of legends was an honor for the WWE superstar.


Maryse was asked about Miz and Mrs. She called the show ridiculous, and Maryse said that fans will get a look at who they are outside of the WWE ring, and that their in-ring characters are very different than who they really are. The Miz added that they are looked at as villains in the WWE, but in real life they’re not the bad guys. At the time of filming Miz and Mrs., Maryse was nine months pregnant. The Miz decided to film her labor, and they said you can see part of their hilarious interaction on the new show.


In an amusing question, the WWE superstar was asked which CEO from the tech world he would like to fight, and as Cheddar reported, the Miz said he would like to fight Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

“I want to fight Bezos because my wife buys so [many] boxes from Amazon each and every day. My recycling bin is out the roof, I have three different recycling bins all filled with Amazon boxes.”

Maryse then revealed who she would root for if that fight were to take place.

“I will be on the side of your opponent because I absolutely love Amazon. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I could survive.”

In regard to SmackDown moving to Fox in 2019, the Miz said that the show will gain popularity. He said that the program will air live on network television, and live TV is where it is at, and that the WWE will be able to utilize everything that they have with SmackDown being on Fox and Raw remaining on the USA Network.