Shonda Rhimes Is Working On Eight New Projects For Netflix

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Last year, TV writer and producer Shonda Rhimes signed a multiyear deal with Netflix after announcing she would be leaving ABC. According to new reports from the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has just revealed the first eight series in the pipeline as a result of its new partnership with Rhimes.

Forbes reported Rhimes became the first African-American woman to stand at the helm of a top 10 network TV show. It has also been said that Rhimes made a significant contribution to the revival of ABC over a decade ago; during a time when the network was struggling to find creative direction. After several successful shows, including medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and its spinoff Private Practice, the showrunner is now lending her talent to the popular streaming service.

All the details of Rhimes’ new deal with Netflix have not been revealed, but reports say, between her base salary and additional incentives, Rhimes will make $150 million a year.

As for the new shows, THR says the eight new shows will provide a mixture of almost everything from a Regency England romance, to the struggles of African-Americans fleeing the Jim Crow south in search of a better life in the north.

The lineup also includes Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change, a book by Ellen Pao, based on her experience working in Silicon Valley’s boys’ club; as well as a story about a rag-tag group of teenage girls at sleep-away camp, who somehow lived through an apocalyptic disaster and must now figure out how to survive.

Another on the list is Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, which is a documentary series offering a behind-the-scenes look at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s award-winning reimagining of the classic ballet. Allen and Rhimes have previously joined forces while working on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I wanted the new Shondaland to be a place where we expand the types of stories we tell, where my fellow talented creatives could thrive and make their best work and where we as a team come to the office each day filled with excitement. Everyone at Netflix have been incredible partners in making that happen. This is Shondaland 2.0,” Rhimes said in a statement about her upcoming shows.

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Rhimes will also still be working with partner Betsy Beers.

“From the world of Regency England all the way to present day Manhattan, we at Shondaland have a wonderful opportunity to explore new worlds and tell these stories in many different ways,” Beers said. “We are fortunate to be working with such an inspiring group of talent, including our amazing creative team at Netflix. I could not be more thrilled!”

As of right now, no release dates have been announced.