Justin Bieber’s Mother Erased Him From Her Twitter Bio Following His Quick Engagement To Hailey Baldwin

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Is Justin Bieber’s mother, Patti Mallette, less than thrilled about her son’s quick engagement to Hailey Baldwin?

For the longest time, if fans were to visit Mallette’s Twitter page they would see that she proudly stated that Bieber is her son in her bio. The words, “yes Justin Bieber is my son,” were hard to miss, and now that Mallette has deleted the reference to her son from her bio following his quick engagement to Baldwin, fans are all over it, per Cosmopolitan.

Fans have been gushing and showering Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, with love and support since the couple confirmed that they had gotten engaged on July 7 after dating for only a short period of time. The “Love Yourself” singer’s father, Jeremy, told the world how excited he was about the news through social media. Baldwin’s actor father, Stephen, and her cousin, Ireland, also expressed their joy about the engagement through their respective social media accounts as well.

However, during all the congratulatory posts and comments, fans might have missed the fact that there’s one very important person in the Canadian-born singer’s life that the world has not yet heard from since the news broke: Bieber’s mother herself.

Mallette has remained silent about the engagement throughout this entire time, which might seem a little or very odd to fans, as she and the “U Smile” singer have seemingly always maintained a close relationship being that it was just the two of them while he was growing up. Mallette raised him as a single mother.

Bieber himself has been outspoken about his childhood and how it was far from perfect and even painted a picture for his fans when he dedicated an entire song about it on his 2009 debut album, My World, in the track titled, “Down To Earth.”


Following the removal stating that the “Love Me” singer is her son, Bieber’s fan base of “Beliebers” have been quick to call Mallette out, questioning her decision to do so.


To make fans even more convinced that her action has everything to do with the fact that she’s not thrilled her son rushed into proposing to Baldwin, Mallette “liked” a post former Bachelor Sean Lowe wrote on Twitter apparently condemning quick engagements.


While liking the post might seem like a nod at her son, some fans are arguing that Mallette has been a long-time fan of the popular ABC reality-TV series and her action had absolutely nothing to do with Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement.


Fans will remember that Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, was not thrilled when her daughter and Bieber got back together the last time around, as she didn’t approve of him. So have the tables turned with Mallette not approving of Baldwin, or is she just a concerned parent who feels her son might be rushing into something he’s not prepared for?