Nikki Reed Looks Different As She Helps Ian Somerhalder Prepare For Role In Netflix Vampire Series ‘V-Wars’

Nikki Reed had a little fun helping Ian Somerhalder prepare for his new role in the upcoming Netflix series V-Wars. Fans of The Vampire Diaries completely wigged out when they learned that Ian would be starring in a new show about vampires, but will they be okay with their beloved Damon Salvatore covering up his wavy dark hair with a lighter-colored wig?

Trying on wigs is exactly what Ian Somerhalder was doing on Thursday, and Nikki Reed was on hand to offer her opinions on her husband’s fake hair. According to Ian’s Instagram, they were trying to decide on what hairstyle Ian’s V-Wars character, Dr. Luther Swann, will sport in the new Netflix series about the outbreak of a disease that turns people into predatory, bloodthirsty monsters. Of course, Nikki couldn’t resist trying on a wig herself, and it looks like she and Ian have different ideas on Swann should look like.

Ian shared a snapshot of the couple rocking the wigs that they picked out, and his wild rug made him look more like a werewolf than a vampire. His temporary hairstyle was long, wavy, and shaggy. Nikki’s wig was a similar dirty blonde color, but it was much shorter and straighter.

“Some one was helping me pick out a wig for #VWars,” Ian Somerhalder captioned the photo. “I haven’t really begun posting on @drlutherswannofficial – I’ve just been focused on the work. But I will soon, so please follow it and I’ll get stared See you at #comiccon next year.”

Luckily for Ian Somerhalder, his wife has some experience picking out wigs. As reported by People, Nikki Reed sported an artificial mane in most of the Twilight movies. For the first film, the actress bleached her hair blonde to portray vampire Rosalie Hale. However, she decided to rock a wig in the subsequent movies because the process of going from dark brunette to light blonde made most of her hair fall out. Perhaps her traumatic shedding experience had something to do with why Ian is sporting a wig in V-Wars instead of getting his real hair cut and colored.

According to, Ian has also rocked a wig to play a vampire. In The Vampire Diaries, he occasionally sported a rug in flashback episodes and scenes that were set in the distant past. However, in V-Wars, Ian isn’t playing an ageless vampire who is well over a century old. In fact, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, his character in the Netflix series isn’t a vampire at all.

Ian plays a doctor whose best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), contracts a mysterious disease that causes vampire-like symptoms. According to Decider, Ian’s Dr. Luther Swann just wants to find a cure for the disease, while everyone else around him is embroiled in a war that has the uninfected pitted against the infected. There are also different factions of “vampires” that don’t get along and fight each other.

According to Deadline, Supergirl star Laura Vandervoort has recently joined the V-Wars cast, as have Kimberly-Sue Murray (Crimson Peak) and Kyle Breitkopf (The Whispers). There’s no word on when the new series will air, but hopefully, Ian Somerhalder fans will be watching him and his wig try to save the world from vampires sometime next year.

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