Kimberly Guilfoyle And Donald Trump Jr. Engagement Rumors After She Joins ‘Family Business,’ Says ‘InStyle’

John PalmerMediaPunch/IPx/AP Images

After Kimberly Guilfoyle was either pushed out of her role at Fox News (or left voluntarily, the reports differ according to who you ask), people are wondering about the thought-process behind Kimberly joining the “family business,” detailed InStyle. And by “family business,” they’re talking about good old politics, as Kimberly is supposedly going to join Trump Jr. on a campaign trail.

Not only that, Guilfoyle made a cryptic comment during a radio interview with Breitbart that she “finally got it right this time.” That left some wondering if she’s talking about her failed marriages with Gavin Newsom and Eric Villency. All this had led to speculations that Donald Trump Jr. could be popping the big question sooner rather than later.

After all, engagements seem to be popping off everywhere without notice, like the one between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as well as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Granted, the other celebrity engagements are between couples that are much younger.

The beginning of the relationship between Kimberly and Trump Jr. also started quickly. Trump Jr. only filed for divorce from Vanessa in March. Just two months later, Trump Jr. was already known as Kimberly’s new boyfriend.

In June, sources said that the couple has date nights every Tuesday. They’ve been seen “glued to each other’s side” during a night out in New York City, so much so that one person noted that “You couldn’t put a knife between” the couple, according to People.

Kimberly’s new role is likely to be with either America First Action or America First Policies, said NBC News.

Even before Trump Jr. started dating Guilfoyle, he was supposedly in a months-long affair with Aubrey O’Day who was once on “Celebrity Apprentice.” O’Day took to Twitter to express her sentiments about not just Trump Jr., but about Trump and his meeting with Putin.

“everyone is so caught up in defending themselves or their positions.. all i see is weakness. the strongest don’t keep ego tally’s.. they get sh*t done for the COMMON good without the need for constant validation or record. our president & his mouthpieces need to grow the f*ck up!”

Although Aubrey didn’t call out Trump Jr. by name, many believe he is one of the “mouthpieces” that she refers to.

And although Trump Jr. has moved on with a different woman, it appears that O’Day was heartbroken when he conned her into thinking he had real feelings for her. A source told Us Weekly that “[Trump Jr.] told her it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn’t love her — all of that stuff … Aubrey fell for him hard. She thought they were going to be together for real.”