Reese Witherspoon Shares Sweet Throwback Photo With Children On Instagram

Charley GallayGetty Images

Reese Witherspoon is one proud mother and she definitely isn’t afraid to show it!

As her 13 million-plus Instagram followers know, it’s not uncommon for the mother of three to post photos of her children for all of her fans to see. Today, the Big Little Lies star decided to switch things up a little bit. Instead of posting a current photo of her children like she usually does, Witherspoon decided to switch it up a bit by posting a throwback image of herself, her son Deacon, and her daughter, Ava.

In the sweet photo, Witherspoon tells fans that she has been thinking “back” a lot this summer and says that she really misses the days when Ava and Deacon were so little. The trio poses for a photo during their vacation in Martha’s Vineyard in the throwback image. Reese, Ava, and Deacon all appear to have color-coordinated their outfits with each of the three donning a white top along with brown pants. Reese kneels at the end of a dock while she holds a young Deacon on her knee and grabs daughter Ava, who is standing right beside her, around the waist. A lake and a few sailboats are visible just behind the family.

The three blondies are all smiles and definitely seem to be a happy family in the incredibly cute photo. So far, the image has gained a lot of attention from fans of Witherspoon with over 68,000 likes in addition to 220 plus comments in just a short amount of time of being posted.

Many fans commented on the photo to let Reese know that she appears to be an amazing mother while countless other fans were quick to chime in over how cute the kids are as well as how much they have grown since the photo was taken.

“This is a really touching picture. Such cuties.”

“Omg! Your daughter is a mini you,” another wrote.

“Darling children! Look just like their mom! They grow up too fast!!!!” one more commented.

At the end of June, Reese shared a more recent photo of her children, including her youngest son, Tennessee, whom she shares with husband Jim Toth. In the photo, the three kids are all celebrating milestones. Witherspoon shared that Ava just graduated high school while Deacon just graduated from middle school. And Tennessee? He just completed pre-school!

In the caption of the photo, Reese lovingly refers to her children as her “superstars” while saying how proud she is of them. And like her most recent snapshot, this one also gained a ton of attention from Witherspoon’s followers with over 460,000 likes and 2,900 comments.

What an adorable little family.