Mark Wahlberg Opens Chevrolet Car Dealership In Ohio

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Rapper, model, actor, producer, and burger entrepreneur are just some of the many job titles Mark Wahlberg has had. Now he’s taking on a new gig: car salesman.

The astute businessman has partnered up with veteran Chevy dealer Jay Feldman to open up his very first car dealership, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet.

“I am continuously looking for ways to innovate my brand and engage in businesses I am passionate about,” said Wahlberg in a statement, according to PR Newswire.

“I love cars and the chance to work with an experienced, proven dealer-operator like Jay and represent an iconic brand like Chevrolet inspired me to get involved,” he said about the dealership, which is located on West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Feldman, the owner of eight dealerships throughout the southeast and mid-Michigan, and the Boogie Nights star have been friends for several years. The duo, who previously teamed up to open Wahlburgers restaurants in Cleveland and Georgia, had talked about opening a car dealership for several months before finally making it official.

“The Wahlberg brand is all about Americana,” said Feldman.

“Joining forces to sell and service Chevrolets with the magnetic draw of the Mark Wahlberg name allows us to do something special for the state of Ohio and the greater Columbus area.”

Jay Feldman & Mark Wahlberg
Featured image credit: Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

If all goes well with Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, expect to see the pair open up other car dealerships with the movie star’s name on the sign.

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet Logo
Featured image credit: Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

“Let me tell you something, with hard work, dreams come true,” Wahlberg said in an Instagram video.

“I’ve always been a car fanatic, now I’m able to be part of such an amazing, iconic American brand. I’m so blessed.”

Meanwhile, Wahlberg will be back in movie theaters on Aug. 17 when his new film, Mile 22, opens. The action thriller, co-starring John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, and Ronda Rousey, is the story of an American intelligence officer who tries to sneak a police officer with sensitive information out of his Southeast Asian home country.

This is a higher form of patriotism. This is Overwatch. #Mile22 @mile22movie

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TV viewers can see the 47-year-old in his family-based reality series Wahlburgers, which is currently airing Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E. Now in its ninth season, the show follows the antics of the Wahlberg family — including mom Alma, chef Paul, actor and New Kids On the Block singer Donnie, Mark, and other members of their large clan — as they navigate life while opening new outposts of their popular restaurant chain Wahlburgers.