Anne Hathaway Wins Best Supporting Actress at SAG Awards For ‘Les Misérables’ Role

Anne Hathaway sure isn’t miserable; she just won the best supporting actress at the SAG awards, further solidifying her path to the Oscars.

Wining this award has demonstrated that she is differently the woman to beat for the Oscar race of Best Supporting Actress. During her interview with the The Huffington Post, Anne Hathaway stated that she is looking forwards to the Oscars, saying:

” I’ve had plenty of years in my career where I haven’t made it to this part of the conversation. Making it here is the gift and the goal, and I feel really proud of that.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Anne Hathaway was the only cast member of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables to win an award at the SAG awards on Sunday. The actress played Fantine, an extremely poor prostitute that resorts to selling her teeth for money.

The role wasn’t easy to play. She had to cut her hair only a few months prior to her wedding, she had to lose 35 pounds, and she decided to perform her songs for the movie live on a freezing and sinking set instead of doing it from the comforts of a sound studio.

Now that she is done with Les Misérables and is enjoying her rounds with award shows and especially the Oscars. Us Magazine is reporting that she is unemployed. Not that it is a bad thing because she is looking forward to spending more time with her husband Adam Shulman and their dog.

She told Access Hollywood:

“I had a film lined up that we’d taken a breath on, so I’m unemployed. It’s such a funny experience to sort of be here and be in some ways at the pinnacle of what you can achieve as an actor, but also know that you don’t have a job”

But, for now, Anne Hathaway has the Oscars to look forward to.