Fans Think They Know Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Wedding Date, Says ‘Cosmopolitan’

Fans have come up with a date that they think Ariana and Pete are getting married, and it’s soon…very soon!

The date people think the couple will get married is August 4, 2018. They think this because the number “8418” is special for both of them. It’s actually the badge number of Pete’s late father, who was one of the firefighters who lost their lives on the September 11 attack, detailed Cosmopolitan.

The couple has tattoos of the number in honor of Pete’s dad, and Ariana wears Pete’s dad’s pendant too, the one he wore for the entire duration of his service.

Pete’s dad, Scott Davidson, was in the Ladder 118 fire truck that was photographed by amateur photographer Aaron McClamb. The now-iconic photo shows the fire truck heading towards the burning tower, and nobody knew at that time that their brave call to rescue would end in fatalities. All of the firefighters on the Ladder 118 truck later died during their firefighting efforts, and the photographer said, “To me, it represents the courage and sacrifice of all the first responders who lost their lives that day,” reported NY Daily News.

Pete has always been outspoken about his love for his father and has given replicas of his dad’s pendant to ex-girlfriends in the past.

However, as the couple’s engagement goes on, rumors are surfacing that Ariana may be regretting her decision to accept Pete’s proposal, according to Radar Online.

But speculation aside, fans can’t stop thinking about what the actual wedding day could look like. Seventeen thinks that there’s going to be a ton of PDA, which would naturally be the case for the lovey-dovey couple. Pete is likely going to go non-traditional, so no tux either. He’ll be looking sharp as a tack, no doubt, since he enlisted Queer Eye‘s Tan France for styling advice. Tan even said, “I don’t want to see him in a neutral, regular tux — he’s way too cool for that.”

Of the people that are probably going to be invited, it’s likely to include lots of co-workers from SNL, and other stars like Nicki Minaj. As far as the location goes, many people think it might be in NYC since that’s where they’re living. And for a last-minute wedding (if that’s what’s happening,) keeping it closer to home would make things that much easier for everyone.

Stay tuned for more news about Ariana and Pete’s wedding, which could be much sooner than anyone thought! But at the rate of their fast-moving relationship, it’s not too unexpected.

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