Pirate Party Australia Going Official: Calling For Founding Members

The Pirate Party Australia is calling for founding members following the confirmation of its constitution and election of its first office holders.

Under Australian Electoral Law, the party must have 500 paid members to be recognized at a Federal Level, along with a compliant constitution and elected office holders. The latter two stages were undertaken with the support and consultation of the interim membership of the party.

The Party said in a statement that this “small but significant step” takes the Party “one step closer to providing Australian electors with the option of voting ‘Pirate’ at the next Federal election, to fight for a fairer and more balanced copyright, greater innovation and access to culture, information and knowledge, greater government transparency and the protection of our civil liberties.”

David Crafti, President of Pirate Party Australia added “With the current government attempting to implement an internet censorship regime, continuing secretive ACTA negotiations and an increasingly belligerent war on sharing, here and across the globe – it is now more important than ever that we work to protect our civil liberties, and our democracy.”

Those interested in joining the Pirate Party can obtain an application form here (pdf), and payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque, or Paypal.

Disclosure, I am an interim member of the Party, and will be signing up as a foundation member today.