Taylor Swift Starts A New Long-Term Relationship … With Diet Coke

Taylor Swift has started another relationship, but it’s not with a man this time. Taylor Swift has an endorsement deal with favorite diet beverage Diet Coke, making her a brand spokesperson for the calorie-free soda, like Pepsi has with Beyonce.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even Jack Osbourne’s wife has commented on Taylor Swift’s inability to hold a relationship. Thankfully, Diet Coke is in it for the long term. We don’t yet know how much Taylor Swift is getting for her endorsement, but the partnership is supposedly reaching beyond commercials.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Taylor Swift has been known for her on and off dating scene, leading to an apology from Michael J. Fox for his role in the jokes on Twitter.

Taylor Swift has more than enough experience selling products, unlike her ability to keep a boyfriend. She has appeared in commercials for Target, Sony, and Elizabeth Arden. The one big risk is that Taylor Swift’s image alongside Diet Coke could draw the ire of people like Laurie David, who argued Beyonce should have turned down Pepsi instead of encouraging an unhealthy diet. Though it’s also possible that Swift may get a break, since she’s endorsing Diet Coke rather than regular Coca-Cola. Studies still make the debate popular over whether diet beverages promote weight gain or not.

According to the Huffington Post, Monday afternoon, Coca-Cola confirmed in a press release that Diet Coke had committed to a long-term relationship with Taylor Swift. It states that Taylor Swift:

“will be integrated into all key marketing efforts for the brand – including advertising, retail activation, experiential and more.”

Taylor Swift

According to E! Online, Taylor Swift announced Sunday on her website:

“I wanted to share some news with you because we’re actually making it official with one of the great loves of my life, Diet Coke.”

See the video below for the news straight from Taylor Swift on YouTube.