Jessica Simpson Claps Back After Being ‘Mom Shamed’ Over Controversial Instagram Featuring Her Son

Jessica Simpson is hitting back after being “mom shamed” for a recent video she shared on Instagram featuring her 5-year-old son Ace Knute playing in a swimming pool with a broken arm. Extra reports that Jessica hit back at the haters in a new interview after being called out for sharing a clip of her husband Eric Johnson playing with their injured son in the water.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Simpson was met with a wave of criticism in the comments section on Instagram and on Twitter after she took to the social media site to post a video showing Eric throwing their 5-year-old up into the air as they enjoyed some time together in the pool.

Ace could then be seen doing a huge backflip before landing feet first back in the pool.

“A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE,” Jessica captioned the clip at the time.

A number of social media users then called Simpson out, “mom shaming” the mom of two and claiming it was too dangerous for her son – who was already sporting a cast on his arm – to be doing high flips.

But Simpson doesn’t seem to have let the not so nice comments get her down as she responded to all the negativity in a new interview this week.

The star hit back at those who “mom shamed” her on Instagram in a recent interview with Extra at L.A.’s Beautycon, where she noted that she knew little Ace was completely safe because he was with his dad.

“I posted Ace in the pool with a cast on because there is really no stopping a child, that’s him, he only has to have the cast on for three weeks, he was in the pool that day,” Jessica explained.

“I don’t even know if the cast molded on to him yet. Listen, it makes him happy and it’s kids being kids. He is in my husband’s hands. I know he’s okay.”

Jessica then continued while speaking to host and former The Only Way Is Essex reality star Mark Wright, “If people were in that situation, if they had a husband like mine, they would feel comfortable.”

Simpson – who famously bared her private life to the world with former husband Nick Lachey on the reality series Newlyweds during their four-year marriage that ended in 2006 – also made it clear that she wouldn’t be letting those who called her out stop her from sharing sweet videos and photos of her family on her various social media accounts.

“I was born into this world a very open person,” Jessica said of her love of sharing sweet family moments with her followers on social media, per One Country. “I take so much pride in how beautiful they are, so to show my family off feels amazing.”

Simpson’s big hit back at the haters comes shortly after the Inquisitr reported that the mom of two celebrated the Fourth of July in style earlier this month.

The singer and actress recognized Independence Day by posting a throwback photo of herself wearing a very patriotic stars and stripes swimsuit from an old magazine photoshoot to celebrate the U.S. holiday.

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