‘Big Brother 20:’ Another Houseguest Drops The N-Word After Warnings

Cliff LipsonCBS

Just when you thought Big Brother Season 20 houseguests had learned their lesson regarding racial slurs, here comes JC Mounduix to show producers’ warnings went in one ear and out the other. Houseguests had already been warned in previous weeks over inappropriate behavior and racial remarks, but the incidents continue to occur. This time around, houseguest JC dropped the n-word on Tuesday night, according to TMZ.

Fellow houseguest Bayleigh Dayton was engaging with JC in a conversation regarding the difference between the words “dwarf” and “midget.” JC stands at 4-foot-8 and the entire house, and BB fandom, have been curious about his height since the season premiered. Bayleigh did not understand the difference between the two words and asked JC for some insight.

“It’s like gay and f****t or n****r and black,” he explained to Bailey regarding the comparison.

Without getting heated, Bayleigh, let JC know it was not okay for him to say the n-word.

“That was like out of control, don’t do that again,” she responded as she tossed around a ball with a fellow houseguest.

JC seemed shocked at Bayleigh’s response and let her know he was just trying to explain the difference between the two words. Within seconds of Bayleigh’s response, Big Brother producers shut off the live feeds and fans were left in the dark. The conversation was documented by a fan on Twitter, and now the BB fandom is sharing their thoughts regarding who was wrong and who was right over the comments.

Notorious Big Brother winner Evel Dick explained JC’s comment was not appropriate whatsoever.

“To all the clowns trying to take JC’s side on this… Midget was used as a word to ‘describe’ a small person. It was not used w/ malice or in any derogatory way. On the other hand the ‘N’ word is derogatory in every way possible & is used with malice. So f*** off with this BS,” he tweeted.

Big Brother Season 16 houseguest Devin Shepherd spoke with TMZ and explained he didn’t feel JC’s comments were such a big deal.

The BB alum compared JC’s comment to those spoken by President Trump on a daily basis and explained the current houseguest’s outburst wasn’t anything worse than those of POTUS 45.

This is the second time the n-word has been spoken in the house. Kaitlyn Herman uttered the word while singing “0 to 100” by Drake last week and caught a lot of heat on social media. Angela Rummans also made an inappropriate comment earlier in the season which she was warned about from producers.

“I know. I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration,” she commented regarding her tan.

For now, it’s unclear if producers stepped in again regarding JC’s comments but the probability is likely since the feeds were immediately cut off.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST.