‘The Brady Bunch’ House Hits The Market For The First Time Since 1973

Paramount TelevisionGetty Images

The famous home used for the exterior shots on The Brady Bunch is up for sale for the first time in 45 years. The instantly recognizable Studio City property just hit the real estate market for $1.885 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Traditional-style house located near the Colfax Meadows neighborhood in Southern California was used for outdoor shots of the beloved TV family’s home and was seen in the opening and closing scenes of the ’70s sitcom.

The Times reports that Violet and George McCallister bought the two-bedroom, three-bathroom split-level home in 1973 for $61,000, smack in the middle of The Brady Bunch’s original run which went from September 1969 to March 1974.

Listing agent Ernie Carswell said the iconic house has been updated and upgraded but retains almost the exact interior decor from the era that made it famous. It should be noted that the home’s layout does not resemble the Brady family’s TV show house, as interior scenes for The Brady Bunch were filmed in a studio.

Still, the 2,500-square-foot Studio City property boasts plenty of Brady-worthy amenities, including a rock-wall fireplace, wood-paneled walls, floral wallpaper, an intercom, a rec room, and a built-in bar in the living room.

Carswell described the classic home as “a postcard of exactly what homes looked like in the 1970s.”

The house sits on a massive a 12,500-square-foot lot, which is an upgrade from the Brady family’s tiny Astroturf lawn. But the lot’s size could prove to be the home’s demise. The Times reports that the famous home sits in an area hot for tear-downs and new development, but Carswell says the owners will give first consideration to bidders who want to preserve the classic TV home.

“We’re not going to accept the first big offer from a developer who wants to tear it down,” Carswell promised. “We’re going to wait a few days, in case there are others who want to purchase it as an investment to preserve it.”

The agent expects to see “an avalanche” of interest in the property. The Brady Bunch house will be shown by appointment only.

Nearly 50 years after The Brady Bunch made its debut on ABC, the house still attracts up to 50 nostalgic fans each day that drive by or pose for photos in front of the famous house.

Owner Violet McCallister was reportedly never bothered by the daily visitors, but later took security measures after curious Brady Bunch fans began to come to her front door. The McCallisters have both passed away and their children are selling the home.

In 2016, the house made headlines when the owner stopped would-be thieves from breaking in. People reported that vandals ransacked the entire first floor of the 11222 Dilling Street home before the 70-year-old owner, presumably Mrs. McAllister, heard the ruckus and turned on a bedroom light. The thieves fled the scene and the owner of The Brady Bunch house was not harmed.

Brady Bunch fans are nostalgic for the house that architect Mike Brady (Robert Reed) designed for his supersized family back in the day. The sitcom family of eight only had three bedrooms, while the six siblings on the show also shared only one bathroom. In the 1973 Brady Bunch episode “A Room at the Top,” teen siblings Greg and Marcia (Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick) battled over the rights to the attic, which was made over for an additional bedroom, but the bathroom issue never got resolved.