Kylie Jenner Shares New Stormi Photo After Deleting All Instagram Pics Of Her Daughter — But There’s A Catch

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Kylie Jenner just couldn’t resist showing off baby Stormi on Instagram. The beauty mogul’s adorable little girl just made an appearance on Instagram for the the first time in over a month, but Kylie didn’t technically break her self-imposed ban on photos of her daughter.

On Wednesday, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a sweet snapshot of an intimate mother-daughter moment. As noted by the Daily Mail, Kylie proved that she’s a “high-maintenance mom” by rocking a fully made-up face for her photo shoot with Stormi. Her nails were perfectly manicured and painted a soft lavender shade, and her chin-length bob was slightly blowing in the breeze as she gazed adoringly at her daughter.

Kylie’s outfit wasn’t your typical mom attire. She rocked a tiny black crop with straps as thin as kite string, which she paired with black high-waisted pants. Stormi was clad in a plaid dress, and the tot was rocking an adorable topknot hairstyle. Kylie cradled her daughter in one arm, using her free hand to shield Stormi’s face from the camera. The placement of Kylie’s left hand might look a bit awkward, but she had a reason for making sure that her daughter’s face was not facing the camera.

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As reported by People, Kylie Jenner disappointed fans last month by deleting all images of 5-month-old Stormi Webster from her Instagram page. A source said that Kylie’s picture purge was in response to people making “nasty comments” about Stormi, most likely those suggesting that Travis Scott isn’t the little girl’s biological dad. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some fans used photos of Stormi’s face to spread a conspiracy theory that she was actually fathered by Kylie’s bodyguard, Tim Chung. This was solely based on what they believed to be a striking resemblance between the little girl and her mother’s employee.

The last time Kylie’s Instagram followers saw a picture of Stormi on her page was June 10, and the corner of the little girl’s forehead was barely visible in the close-up selfie of Kylie’s freckled face. When fans complained about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star cropping the rest of her daughter’s face out of the photo, she responded by writing that she was “not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

i spy with my little eye...

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As reported by Wonderwall, Kylie Jenner has shared some photos of Stormi on Snapchat since then, but the tot’s face also wasn’t visible in them. She had it turned away from the camera in one image, and another snapshot of Stormi lying on a bed was taken from a distance.

Fans will just have to keep checking Kylie’s social media pages to see if she ever lifts her ban on sharing photos of her daughter’s sweet face.