The Hills Girls Patch It Up in the Workplace

And by “workplace,” I mean “club.” I was so excited to see Lauren Conrad flanked by Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth last night while they were filming The Hills— that means they’ve made up. Right?! For all of you who have watched the show or have read about it here, you know that things are never that simple.

Poor Audrina Patridge was puzzled last weekend when rumors circulated about her Hills co-star L.C. hooking up with her ex Justin-Bobby. Lauren promptly denied it and blamed it on Spencer. As you do. He denied having anything to do with it, of course, but I figured the girls would bond over their hatred of the guy.

Even though the two are currently filming The Hills and seem pretty amicable on camera, Audrina came onto “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about problems with Lauren. Here’s the short and sweet version:

“Audrina explained that she’d tried to talk to Lauren about what really happened with Justin and that Lauren had hung up on her. She also took issue with the fact that rather than speak to her directly about whatever did or didn’t happen, Lauren had chosen to speak to the tabloids.”

So most of what you see on The Hills isn’t real, because these girls are fighting on the sidelines for sure. First Heidi, then Spencer, then Brody, then Doug, and now Audrina? L.C.’s running out of friends to fight with! I’m sorry, but I think that L.C. might be the problem here.