Horror Hit ‘Hereditary’ Gets Even Scarier With Nine Deleted Scenes In Upcoming Home Release

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Hereditary is something of a divisive film. Some were more terrified than they’ve ever been from a movie, some were left mildly confused and simply unnerved, and then others were completely unaffected by the film.

One of the reasons behind this may be that Hereditary seems to play on some very specific fears, like grief and loss of self-control. Audience members sensitive to the themes and imagery of Hereditary will likely be more susceptible to being emotionally upset by the film, while moviegoers with no such sensitivities may be less likely to have trouble sleeping at night.

For those who were as disturbed by Hereditary as we at the Inquisitr were, things are only about to get worse it seems. As Bloody-Disgusting has reported, Hereditary is getting a 4K UHD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy combo-pack release on September 4, 2018.

Not only that, but the release will feature a total of nine deleted scenes for fans to enjoy as well.

Writer/director Ari Aster recently explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there was originally a cut of Hereditary that was three hours long. In the end, it was cut to approximately two hours.

“Nobody wants it to be a three-hour movie, especially the distributor. The most important thing was pacing and finding that rhythm. The movie tells you what it needs to be. This was the best version of the movie. But the part of you that mourns the missing scenes, tells you to announce that it was three-hours long. In the original cut, and in the script, the audience was forced to really stew … The breakdown of communication was chronicled in more pummeling detail.”

Furthermore, Ari Aster later went on to elaborate on Reddit that a three-hour cut of Hereditary would likely never see the light of day, even on home release.

The presence of nine deleted scenes on Hereditary’s home video release this September may well be as close to seeing Ari Aster’s full cinematic vision as horror fans will ever get, at least in terms of an official capacity.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 05: Director Ari Aster attends the "Hereditary" New York Screening at Metrograph on June 5, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)Featured image credit: Nicholas HuntGetty Images

On the other hand, horror fans, as well as fans of science fiction and fantasy, are known for improvising when things don’t pan out the way they like, in terms of alternate cuts of beloved films.

When David Lynch’s Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me was originally released, a significant amount of footage was cut from the final film. Deleted scenes included on DVD and Blu-Ray releases were taken by fans and edited into the film by way of home editing software. A 3.5-hour cut was released by fans on Blu-Ray later on.

Although the creators did halt production out of respect for the official distributors, the extended version can still be found by means not entirely legal on various file-sharing websites.

Fan edits of movies are nothing new and hardly restricted to Twin Peaks fandom. Hereditary, which overall resonated very well with horror audiences, could well become a prime contender for such a treatment, considering there has been so much online buzz about the coveted three-hour original cut from horror fans.

Hereditary had the biggest opening box office weekend in history for A24 Films and currently holds an 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.