Stipe Miocic On Daniel Cormier Rematch: ‘Kiss My A** If You Don’t Think I Deserve That’

After ruling the heavyweight division for three years, the “baddest man on the planet,” former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, suffered a massive defeat in the hands of Daniel Cormier at UFC 226. Cormier only needed one round to knock out and end Miocic’s six-fight winning streak. After beating Miocic, Cormier called out Brock Lesnar, who immediately came inside the Octagon and shoved the new UFC champion.

As of now, Brock Lesnar is expected to be Daniel Cormier’s opponent for his first title defense as the UFC heavyweight champion. However, Stipe Miocic believes he deserves the title shot over a fighter who hasn’t fought in the Octagon in over two years, and whose last fight was turned into no-contest because of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“I want a title shot. I deserve it,” Miocic said, via Brett Okamoto of ESPN. “[Lesnar] hasn’t fought in how long? For him to get a title shot, as I get thrown to the side? It just seems like they are desperate for pay-per-views. I cleaned out the division. I defended it more than anyone, and you’re gonna tell me I don’t deserve a chance to get it back? Get out of here. Kiss my a** if you don’t think I deserve that.”

After the fight, Stipe Miocic admitted that he is expecting to be interviewed where he could demand a rematch from Daniel Cormier. However, when Brock Lesnar came into the scene, Miocic decided to get out of the Octagon, saying that he doesn’t need to be part of that “circus.” Miocic called Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 226 “disrespectful” and added that the UFC suddenly became a “s*** show.”

UFC President Dana White, who expressed strong support in the upcoming title fight between Cormier and Lesnar, has reportedly apologized to Miocic after the incident. However, the former UFC heavyweight champion doesn’t see any sincerity with White’s apology, believing everything that happened after UFC 226 was according to their plan.

As of now, there is no strong sign if the UFC will grant Miocic’s request for an immediate rematch against Cormier. However, Miocic has made it clear that he will not be accepting any fight aside from Cormier. Despite becoming a UFC two-division champion, “DC” looked determined to stick with his plan to permanently end his MMA career in March 2019. Before defending the heavyweight title, Cormier plans to return to the light heavyweight division and face one of the top contenders. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar is expected to be in the USADA testing pool for six months and won’t be able to enter the Octagon until January.

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