Nvidia ‘White Label’ Products Coming To Market In 2013

Nvidia will soon create its own smartphones, tablets and other devices as part of the company’s shift towards white label manufacturing. The first devices featuring fully-developed Nvidia products will be sold in Russia and China.

It is likely that Nvidia will focus its first white label efforts on the newly announced Tegra 4 chipset which the company showed off at CES 2013. The tech firm will likely sell the devices to OEMs who will white label the devices with their own product names.

First reported in Mobile-Review the tech website alleges that Nvidia will be working with regional device brands to sell its initial product offerings. Nvidia is believed to be working with Wexler in Russia to sell its hardware. Wexler currently purchases lower-end devices from manufacturers in China.

Nvidia is expected to both design and manufacture the hardware to ensure the highest quality builds possible. The company will then use OEMs to distribute the devices.

The company will begin white label product in mid-2013 and will start with 7-inch and 10-inch tablets that will share the same core designs with various brand names stamped across the devices.

While Nvidia has not yet confirmed rumors of its white label production, the company has continued to take more control over its product lines in the last several years. Nvidia also recently demonstrated its ability to create Android devices through the Project Shield initiative.

With Nvidia earnings reports all over the place in the last several years it will be interesting to see if the company moves towards full-device manufacturing with its own processor tech.