Viral Video Shows Waitress Beat Up Guy Who Groped Her, Man Reportedly Arrested In Front Of His Wife And Kids


This is one waitress you don’t to mess with, apparently.

This weekend, a viral video emerged showing a waitress beating up a guy who casually groped her as he walked by in an outdoor restaurant. The video, which was shared on Reddit by someone identified as the waitress’s cousin, quickly attracted tens of thousands of views and quite a bit of praise for the waitress for failing to put up with the assault.

Though the full circumstances of the video weren’t laid out, a time stamp showed that it occurred just before 11 p.m. on June 30. In the video (which can be seen here), the waitress can be seen walking to a server’s station in an outdoor seating area of the restaurant. The man then walks past the waitress and grabs her butt as he continues walking past. But he didn’t make it far.

The waitress turned and grabbed the man by the collar of his T-shirt, twisting him around and slamming him down violently onto a chair. The woman could be seen starting to yell at the man as the short video clip ended, but the person who posted it did offer a bit of a postscript on the incident. The person shared that the man was later arrested — in front of his wife and two young children, no less.

The person who posted the video, while not offering any kind of proof of the relationship or specific details about the incident, said his cousin works at the restaurant to support herself while she is in school.

“Like it says this is my cousin, she’s a server at this restaurant to support herself while going to school,” the poster shared. “She also takes care of abandoned animals, feeding them, getting them fixed, she’s worked at veterinary offices before and always kept that passion.”

While some were concerned that she could be in trouble with her job for fighting back against a patron who groped her, the original poster shared that the manager at the establishment was understanding and that her job was not in jeopardy.

The video gained traction for many as a response to the #MeToo movement, which seeks to empower men and women who have been the victims of sexual assault to speak up. In this case, the woman physically fought back against the man who groped her, though this option is not available to all. Actor Terry Crews explained why he chose to speak out against a Hollywood executive who groped him at a party, and why it was not possible for him to physically fight back.


It’s not clear what charges the man seen groping the waitress in the viral video will face.