128GB Apple iPad Rumored To Be In The Works

Apple is rumored to be prepping a 128GB Apple iPad, the first 128GB version of the company’s popular tablet PC line.

9to5Mac discovered a new iPad SKU for its fourth-generation device that will soon arrive on retailer store shelves. The Apple reporting website also reveals that the SKU features the name “ultimate” in its title. The new naming convention could suggest that Apple is attempting to define a new higher-end sector for its tablet line.

According to the report, the new iPad will be made available in Wi-Fi only and cellular options. The Wi-Fi version appears to cost $799 while the Wi-Fi + Cellular version is listed at $929.

The new version will likely not receive a major release announcement. Apple investors have been hungry for Apple’s next big thing, and hyping the release of a dated device that simply features extra memory could ultimately lead to disappointment on behalf of shareholders who want to see innovation and not simple upgrades.

The higher selling pricing for the 128GB iPad could be a hard sell for Apple at a time when a premium Microsoft Surface Pro can be grabbed for the same type of pricing and with a more robust operating system.

Apple may also struggle to convince buyers that they need additional memory in an age of easily accessible cloud storage options.

Are you willing to spend upwards of $1000 for an Apple iPad?