WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Eliminates Toys R Us Mascot In Wrestling Battle Royal [Video]

At the end of June, the end of an era officially arrived as the last Toys R Us stores closed their doors and everyone said their goodbyes to the toy giant. All of the retail locations across the United States have officially closed and the future of the brand is still unknown, but what has become of Geoffrey the Giraffe? The lovable mascot didn't stay out of a job long as he recently ended up in a wrestling ring and went face-to-face with a former WWE superstar.

On Friday, there was a Supercon event in Florida and they held a 30-superstar battle royal for the fans in attendance. As reported by Wrestling Inc., former WWE superstar Gangrel was present for the event and took part in the match which was said to be quite enjoyable.

As the match went on, different talents entered the ring and did their damage or simply showed up for the appearance. Then, it happened: Geoffrey the Giraffe joined the match and began tearing things up with a clothesline to one wrestler and a big chokeslam to another, but his night wasn't over yet.

Gangrel hopped in the ring and made a phone call which led to him being delivered a box from "Amazon Prime," and well, you can see how that went for Geoffrey.

Gangrel received a package from someone in the crowd and it was said to be from Amazon Prime, but it ended up being a pretty good weapon. The former WWE superstar took the box and nailed Geoffrey in the head with it which ended up eliminating him from the match.

After the elimination of the Toys R Us mascot, Gangrel looked out to the crowd and screamed, "Amazon Prime, b**ch!"

As reported by IGN, Toys R Us announced back in March that its remaining 700 stores would be closing after the company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. They attempted to find a buyer for the company or restructure things to help its massive debt, but that was all to no avail.

While everyone can understand the reasoning behind their closing, it was not easy for those who grew up being a Toys R Us kid.

Toys R Us is one of those icons which will live in the hearts of many for a long time and chances are that Geoffrey the Giraffe will never be forgotten. Thanks to the Supercon in Florida on Friday, Geoffrey was involved in another moment that will live on in the memories of many people forever. Former WWE superstar Gangrel may no longer be in one of the bigger wrestling promotions, but he has the distinct pleasure of saying he and Amazon Prime eliminated Geoffrey in a battle royal.