NBC Tells Aaron Sorkin The Ball Is In His Court On ‘West Wing’ Reboot

Haraz N. GhanbariAP Images

NBC Entertainment Chairmen Bob Greenblatt has made it known to Aaron Sorkin that NBC could be interested in a reboot of the West Wing, but the ball is in Sorkin’s court. Before anyone gets too excited, every year since the West Wing ended, this kind of talk happens. In fairness, NBC executives have told Sorkin a few times that a reboot, or mini-series type event, of West Wing is something they would have interest in. So far, as fans are well aware, it’s just been a lot of rumors and no action. Why might this time be any different?

The are several reasons why now seems like the time for a reboot of West Wing, the first being that viewers are tuning in for politically themed shows in big numbers. Big enough numbers that there is room for more in the genre, especially something really high quality. Scandal wrapping up has left a void on the airwaves for a high-end political drama, and it means Joshua Malina has some time on his hands.

It’s not just Malina that can seemingly free himself up for a reboot, Martin Sheen is available, in fact, almost everyone has some availability, except for John Spencer who passed away. Better than that, at some point, most have expressed interest, or at least willingness, to take part in some form of reboot or reunion show. Now seems like the perfect time if the project is ever going to happen with the original cast.


Greenblatt told CoS, that if it wasn’t for Sorkin always having a pile of excellent projects always going at once, a West Wing reboot would have probably happened already. The willingness of the network to publicly let Sorkin know the show has a home if he makes it, takes care of what is traditionally one of the biggest stumbling blocks shows face when trying to get made.

What has caught the attention of most fans, however, is that Sorkin has acknowledged he’s thought it out far enough to run scenarios in his head on how to put scripts together that bring everyone back together years after the administration has left office. Last year, he speculated that maybe Martin Sheen serves as an adviser to the new president, in much the way Richard Nixon did for Bill Clinton. Maybe one or two are still in the west wing somehow. Everyone could possibly be brought together to act as a think tank of sorts to help sort out some kind of major crisis. It’s all very bare bones, but exciting for fans.

The odds are still long against the reboot happening, and getting longer each year, but at least for one day in July, fans have hope again. And it’s good to see they had a blast at their mini-reunion dinner.