NBA Rumors: Only One Cavs Player Is Untouchable — Kevin Love And Kyle Korver Could Be Traded, Per Cavs Nation

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After losing LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a bit of a strange place for the upcoming NBA season and their future. “The King” is officially gone, but that doesn’t mean they are totally out of talent. Still, the trade rumors swirling around are starting to make some believe that the Cavs are in a rebuilding mode and that they’re willing to trade virtually every single player remaining on the team but one.

According to Cavs Nation, there is but one untouchable player on the Cleveland roster right now and it is rookie point guard Collin Sexton out of Alabama. They had already turned down a trade offer from the Atlanta Hawks during the NBA Draft as they had their eyes set on Sexton and he is their focus.

No matter where the Cavs were picking in this summer’s NBA Draft, their hearts were set on Sexton and he would be their pick. Now, it appears as if he is being seen as the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ franchise with the departure of LeBron James and he will not be traded for anyone.

At least, he won’t be traded this season or anytime soon.

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That rumor being said, it means that everyone else on the roster could end up on the block before the NBA trade deadline arrives in February. As seen in the tweet from ESPN, by way of Cavs Nation, Windhorst believes the Cavs are already trying to see what they could get in a trade for Kyle Korver or Kevin Love.

It is not believed that keeping Korver and Love on the team will make them a contender in the Eastern Conference. Sure, they may end up landing in the playoffs in their first season without LeBron James (again), but it’s going to be hard to keep up with the powerhouses of Boston and Philly. has already come up with five trades that would benefit the Cavaliers and get Kevin Love off of the roster. One, in particular, is quite interesting as it has Love heading to Phoenix while the Cavs would receive T.J. Warren, Dragan Bender, and Tyson Chandler, but that is all speculation at this time.

Kyle Korver could prove to be the more interesting bargaining chip and Fansided believes that the Philadelphia 76ers have the perfect spot for him to land.

The loss of LeBron James immediately took the Cleveland Cavaliers out of a return trip to the NBA Finals and into a rebuilding mode. With rookie Collins Sexton landing with the Cavs in the recent draft, he is set to become the possible face of the franchise. As he becomes a focal point, veterans such as Kyle Korver and Kevin Love become trade chips and the team is starting to test the waters to see which rumors may end up coming true.