‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Reunion: It’s Going To Be ‘Intensely Dramatic,’ But When Will It Air?

This season of Southern Charm may have had a more laid back opening theme, but it hasn’t stopped the drama and action from being over the top. Kathryn Dennis has had a good season with her kids, but she has had to deal with Ashley Jacobs, who has been dating Thomas Ravenel. With Thomas and Kathryn still needing to co-parent their two young kids, the drama is at an all-time high and next week’s reunion is going to be a wild one.

Throughout Season 5 of Southern Charm, there has been a lot going on. Let’s run through some of the storylines which have been pinpointed at times:

  • Craig is still looking for a career path while still not being sure if he and Naomie are right together.
  • Cameran has had her beautiful little baby and continues to stay out of most of the drama.
  • Whitney has been virtually missing in action throughout the whole season
  • Shep is still being Shep.
  • Austen has bounced from girl-to-girl, while seemingly never really knowing what he wants.

All of those have been a lot of fun, but the true story of this season of Southern Charm has been the ongoing saga of Thomas, Kathryn, and Ashley.

As of this writing, the season finale of Southern Charm still has yet to take place, and there will be more than enough drama happening there. The big ball is taking place and no one should expect it to be all dancing and good times as confrontations will take over the spotlight.

Once all of that is over, though, fans will need to make way for the Southern Charm Season 5 reunion which will air on Bravo on July 19, 2018. According to Romper, Andy Cohen recently talked about the upcoming reunion on an episode of Watch What Happens Live and he called it “intensely dramatic.”

Cohen said the reunion was actually filmed in New York City back on June 12, and he said that it exhausted more than most of them ever do. This is a sure sign that the drama is far from over after Thursday night’s Season 5 finale of Southern Charm.

One thing that viewers have to remember is that Thomas Ravenel was not present at the Season 5 reunion taping for Southern Charm, as he had his invitation revoked. As reported by People, he was dealing with sexual assault allegations that came his way, and Bravo chose to keep him offscreen at the time. The drama is going to be high as the cast comes together to finish off their fifth season.

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