Kendall Jenner Shows Off Bikini Body In Latest Instagram Post, Enjoys Jet Ski Ride

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It seems as though Kendall Jenner is already enjoying her little getaway.

According to Radar Online, the model is currently vacationing at the Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club in Idaho. Jenner was spotted shopping at a toy store with Cameron Azoff, who is the brother of her former flame’s, Harry Styles, manager and best friend. Interestingly enough, Styles is also in the same small town and the 24-year-old was spotted golfing at a high-end resort in Coeur d’Alene. Whether or not the pair hung out remains to be seen but Kendall appears to be having a great time on her vacation thus far.

Jenner posted a series of three photos on her Instagram account from her trip, with the first being one of her in a golf cart. In the image, the model dons a pair of jeans, boots, and a bikini top and she poses in the driver’s seat of a blue golf cart. The image is incredibly beautiful with tall trees and a lake just behind Jenner. In the second of the series of three photos, Kendall shows off her amazing bikini body to fans. The snapshot, which appears to be a selfie, is taken at a downward angle and Kendall’s toned body is full on display in a skimpy line green bikini.

Her face is not pictured in the image, just the bottom of her lips are. She’s also seen sporting a cross necklace and a pair of sunglasses are hanging off the middle of her swimsuit.

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The last in the series of three is a video of Jenner jet skiing on the lake. The 22-year-old appears to be showing off, standing on the seat of the blue jet ski as she tools around in the water. So far, Jenner’s post has already earned her a ton of attention with over 723,000 likes in addition to 3,500-plus comments in less than an hour of being posted. Some fans chimed in on Kendall’s smoking hot bikini body while a few others were jealous of her vacation.

“You are absolutely stunning.”

“Some one said OHHH you see that perrty landscape behind her and Im like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?? How can I see past that GORGEOUS ANGEL,” another chimed in.

The city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, also commented on the photo, telling Kendall that they hope that she enjoys spending time in their beautiful town. Recently, Kendall’s sister, Kim Kardashian, and her family also spent time at the same resort in Idaho. Guess it must be a pretty special place!