A Former ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Gives Nicole Advice About Her Relationship With Azan

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To say that people don’t approve of the relationship between Nicole and Azan — the most troubled couple on this season of 90 Day Fiance on TLC — would be an understatement. And there’s plenty of good reasons behind that, of course — chief of which being that Azan acts like being with Nicole is nothing more than a chore.

Now, a former 90 Day Fiance star has come forward and provided her advice to Nicole about her troubled relationship with Azan, and she’s basically telling Nicole to run for her life.

Danielle Jbali, who was married to Mohammed on the last season of the show — and subsequently divorced him and got him deported — spoke to In Touch Weekly about the relationship between the two of them, and she said that it had echoes of her own relationship.

Claiming that she spoke to Nicole as an “older, wiser woman” who had been through what she’s currently going through, Danielle told the outlet that Mohammed cheated on her constantly, and that Azan is doing to Nicole what Mohammed had done to her.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance will recall that, during their season of the show, it was revealed that Mohammed actually left Danielle for another woman named Luisa, and moved to Miami, while still being married to Danielle.

This prompted Danielle to file the divorce papers and make the moves to get Mohammed deported.

Danielle claims that she was the one who told Nicole to go to Morocco to “get to know” Azan by going over to Morocco, so she could “trust her intuition” about whether marrying him was a good idea.

On the show, however, it was made clear that Nicole went to Morocco to be with Azan after his K-1 visa was denied.

Azan claimed that his K-1 visa was denied because Nicole failed to fill out the proper paperwork, but it was revealed on another episode of 90 Day Fiance that the visa was denied because he’d overstayed a previous K-1 visa with a former girlfriend in Belarus, Russia.

Fans of the show also know that, ultimately, Nicole and Azan didn’t get married after this season of the show because “the timing wasn’t right.” This was disclosed by Nicole’s stepfather, Joe, in an exclusive interview.

However, in a follow-up post by the 90 Day Fiance stars, there’s a suggestion that Nicole may have gone back to Morocco and married Azan in secret, thanks to a cryptic Instagram post.